Exterior Painting Washington, MI: Repainting Your Garage Door?

Your garage door in Washington MI not only protects your vehicles and other possessions from the elements but is also a prominent part of your home exterior.

That is why it is crucial to repair your garage door as regularly as the rest of your house.
Repainting your garage door couldn’t be any easier; just outline the area you want to paint, choose a color, and roll up a smooth, even finish.
A new layer of paint protects against harsh weather conditions and provides an eye-catching viewpoint that will make your house more attractive for years to come.

Here is how to go about that;

Prepare Your Garage Door

Pick a day with mild, clear weather to paint. Climate conditions have a significant impact on the quality of exterior paint, especially when it is still fresh.

Try to plan your project for a period that isn’t too hot, too cold, or too humid. Be especially careful of rainfall, as excessive moisture can easily wipe out all your hard work.
The next few days after you have painted, it should also be clear to give your new paint the chance to harden properly.
Weekends are an ideal time to strike because you have more time and don’t have to come and go as often.

Clean The Garage Door Thoroughly.

Carefully wipe off any dust, dirt, or grease that hangs on the outer surface of the door.
A dirty garage door is harder to paint and could result in a sloppy, uneven finish.
Although some professionals swear by certain select cleaning products, the best way to do this is to use a sponge or cloth simply dipped in soapy water.
Before painting, rinse the door with a water hose and dry it with a clean rag.

Lay Out A Protective Drip Cloth.

Make sure the area under the garage door is covered on both sides before you start painting.
A drop cloth or a plastic sheet helps prevent stains from dripping or splashing paint.


Cover all areas with masking tape on which paint could accidentally be splashed (such as on the edges of the door where it hits the wall or on the adjacent brick or plaster).

This can save you a lot of scrubbing and cleaning later, should your painting project get a little messy.

Apply A Primer To Help The Fresh Paint Stick Better.

The primer gives the paint a flat base and makes it more durable.
Make sure that the primer feels dry before trying to paint over it.

Paint The Smaller Areas With A Brush.

Start by painting the hard-to-reach, offset parts of the door with a brush.
The narrow width and manual control offered by the brush allow you to dig deeper into grooves and recesses.
Work slowly and carefully and paint the inner surface one by one.
Depending on the color and general condition of your garage door, you may need to paint several layers to get a solid finish.

Roll Up a New Coat of Paint on the Main Panel

Use a wide paint roller to cover the wide outer surface of the door after you have painted the staggered inner fields.
Painting with a roller is quick and painless compared to manual brushing – a roller also guarantees you a consistent finish and leaves no visible streaks.
Roll in long, steady movements and let the rough edges of all-new strips overlap.
A single coat of paint is usually sufficient for most simple coats.
If you’re changing to a stronger shade – or painting a lighter color over a darker one – it may be necessary to apply several layers to show the color.

The Bottom Line

If it’s been years since you last repainted your garage door, you should consider a new paint job.

Need professional help with your garage door or home exterior repainting project?
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