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Interior Painting Richmond, MI_ 6 Ways to Add Color into Your Home

Interior Painting Richmond, MI: 6 Ways to Add Color into Your Home

Interior Painting Richmond, MI: 6 Ways to Add Color into Your Home

When it comes to interior décor, not every homeowner in Richmond, MI, has the money or time to re-invent their interior.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend so much money to infuse your favorite colors into your living space.

In this article, we share some tips and hacks on how to add blue color, among other popular colors, into your home interior in Richmond, MI.

1. Add a Backsplash

A backsplash is a great way to add a splash of color to your decor.
If you don’t already have one, this is the perfect opportunity to add a little extra interest to your living space.

You can integrate your favorite color where it lends itself best, whether in the kitchen, the bathroom, or the laundry room.

Besides, there is a solution for all budgets, from the painted backsplash to wallpaper, including stickers.

2. Refresh Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you are tired of seeing your old-fashioned cabinets, give them a second life with a new color outlook.
There are several ways to give style to your old kitchen cabinets, including applying new paint and changing the door handles.

3. Add Accessories to Your Décor

Adding blue accessories can also do the trick.
Besides, this option is rather economical and straightforward.
It can be a matter of simply changing your cushions, a few throw pillows and lampshades.

Otherwise, you could create your own decorative elements with ornaments that are no longer in use.
Just apply a coat of spray paint on the chosen object, let it dry, and voila!

It will surprise you what magic you can do with a simple can of spray paint and unused items lying around.
A quick example is an empty bottle of wine spray-painted in your favorite color.

4. Create an Accent Wall

The blue color represents calmness, so it’s a great shade to add to your bedroom.
You could also integrate some shades of blue in other rooms to inspire relaxation. Again, there are 1,001 ways to create an original accent wall inexpensively.

5. Decorate or Paint a Ceiling

Have you ever thought of decorating or painting a ceiling in color?
This trend is becoming more popular with many homeowners in Richmond, MI, and professional decorators love it too!
Check out some photos on Pinterest, and some results will impress you.

6. Transform an Old Piece of Furniture

If you have an old piece of furniture that is not used at home, it’s time to transform it! With a little time and paint, everything is possible.
You don’t have to be a professional to carry out this project. Still, if you’re actively using a piece of furniture or valuable antique furniture, you’re better hiring a professional.

Ready to Add Some Color into Your Home Interior?

Interior painting is a priceless, inexpensive, and effective way to add some color into your home, protect your property, and make your interior a little more interesting.

Choosing an interior paint color can be fun and exciting, but it can also be a little intimidating.

If you need professional help with your home interior repainting project, Eason Painting can help.

We have years of experience offering residential painting services in Macomb Township, Washington Township, Ray Township, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Romeo, Armada, Troy, Shelby Township, Harrison Township, Chesterfield, and Clinton Township, MI.

Call us today on 586-465-5081 for a FREE painting estimate.


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Interior Painting Richmond, MI_ Choosing Paint Color for Your Home office

Interior Painting Richmond, MI: Choosing Paint Color for Your Home office

Interior Painting Richmond, MI: Choosing Paint Color for Your Home office

Choosing the right paint colors for your home office in Richmond, MI can both maximize productivity and boost your creativity.

From greens that improve efficiency to energetic touches of red and yellow, the list for home office colors is virtually endless.

In this article, we will share some tips on how to choose the best paint color for your home office, along with recommendations of the best options;

Relaxing Paint Colors: A Blank Slate

Given the disruptions that can exist at home, it is essential to be able to stay focused in your home office.
Our favorite colors for this purpose include neutrals, blues, and greens.
Some research suggests that green is an effective wall color for increasing focus.

The pale colors are not only soothing but they create superb backgrounds for bulletin boards, images, and shelving without “disrupting” too much in a space where concentration is important.
Also, you can never go wrong with white for a studio or home office.

Lighting and Accent Walls

Accent walls and paneling can provide colorful, creative punctuation for your office, library or closet.
Some of the most vivid and energizing colors we love for accents include Fruity Yellow and California.

Remember, light plays a major role in transforming colors in any room.
So use a balance between work and ambient lighting with attractive light temperatures to make the office both functional and comfortable.

Sheen: The Final Touch

Remember to take into account the effect of paint sheen on the design. Because it reduces glare, a matte finish will produce a soft appearance perfect for an office.

Chairs, desks, cupboards, bookcases or any other office furniture offer the opportunity to use outstanding sheens to add some interest.

Some Specific Color Options for Your Home Office


Brown: elegant and full of style. This color creates an atmosphere of security, solidity, stability, and comfort.
It combines perfectly with beige to give a distinguished and classic impression.


Blue: calm and soft. Blue promotes rest and calmness, so it is suitable for an office. Indigo blue, turquoise blue, sky blue, and such other blues are very trendy.

The blue palette is wide and the choices are nearly endless. For an office with a refined look, combine a shade of gray and blue-gray.
A few touches of bright colors like fuchsia can energize the room and add some interest.


Green: calmness and serenity. Make way for nature that invites itself into the house with a tender green that reinforces the impression of tranquility.
A pistachio green covering a single wall, and combined with white or a pearl gray will create an effective balance between calmness and dynamism.
Or the turquoise which uniquely combines the calmness of green and the natural softness of blue.

Neutral office paint colors

Gray, white, beige or taupe blend perfectly into an office. These shades bring a touch of serenity and can be associated with sharper colors like blue or yellow.

Their color also allows you to accessorize your office with style.
You can opt for colorful furniture or a coat rack hanging on the wall

Purple and mauve

Meditation and concentration; when used in an office, purple promotes concentration. But be careful not to use it in a too strong shade which could seem aggressive.
Purple has a way of stimulating creativity in workspaces.

Well, I hope that the quick overview of the best office paint colors was useful.
If you need professional help with your home office repainting project, Eason Painting can help.
Our home interior painting services are available in Washington Township, Rochester, Romeo, Shelby Township, Harrison Township, and Clinton Township, MI.

Call us today on 586-465-5081 for a FREE painting estimate.


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