Tired of looking at that ugly weathered old deck? Do you want to enjoy your deck this summer with family and friends? Or spend all summer trying to clean it? Let the professionals at Eason Painting weatherize your deck or fence giving them a new look and restoring them to their original color and finish. We offer deck maintenance programs designed for your needs to keep your deck and fence looking great year after year.


All deck and fence refinishing will receive these standard preparation procedures.

  1. Thorough cleaning of the deck including power washing to remove debris foreign materials and old sealant.
  2. Thorough recessing of all nails
  3. Replacement of all defective materials including rotting, loose, and cracked boards, railing and supports as requested.
  4. Proper covering and protection of plants, walkways, house exterior and outside furnishings.
  5. Use of high quality stains and sealants.
  6. Proper application of stains and or sealant.