5 Common Interior Painting Mistakes to Avoid In Clinton Township, MI

A fresh coat of paint on your home interior in Clinton Township, MI, can dramatically improve the aesthetics, protect your walls against rapid deterioration, and ultimately add value to your home.

The best way to gain these benefits is by hiring a professional painting contractor in Clinton Township, MI, to do the job for you.

The pros have the training experience and the right tools to produce a clean, durable job.

However, if you want to try DIY interior painting, here are some of the most common mistakes you should avoid;

  1. Assuming The Walls Are Clean

Even if at first glance, they do not seem dirty, your walls have accumulated dust.

To be successful in your painting, the surface must be perfectly clean.

So remember to dust and/or wash them well.

  1. Painting On A Poorly Primed Surface

Wall painting requires a clean and smooth surface: to apply paint on new walls, all it takes is a good dusting followed by a suitable undercoat.

For most interior painting jobs, starting with a coat of a primer increases paint adhesion, creates an even surface, and helps covers any stubborn stains and dark old paint colors.

   3. Ignoring old Chipping of Paint

Plan for stripping if you notice flaking problems on the old paint.

If you try to paint on them anyway, the finish will have flaws, and the problem may resurface in just a few months.

Not to mention the fact that the paint can easily peel off since the current coat itself is no longer adherent.


If you notice that the old paint is severely failing and needs a lot of work to prepare the surface, you’re better off hiring a professional painting company that will do all the legwork for you.

  1. Buying Low-Quality Paint

Hoping to save some money, many homeowners look for inexpensive solutions in terms of materials such as paint.

This is also common with some painting contractors who offer cheap painting estimates.

Buying cheap, often low-quality paint might save you some money upfront. However, you’re more likely to get inferior results.

You may notice inadequate paint coverage, poor paint adhesion, and reduced durability.

Ultimately, you might have to spend more to correct some defects that will inevitably occur.

  1. Poor surface Prep

How your paint job turns out is 80% depending on your prep work. Inadequate prep work is the most common cause of premature paint failure.

For instance, painting on a dusty or wet surface can lead to poor paint adhesion, which ultimately leads to paint peeling or bubbling.

So before you even open the paint can be sure to dust, wash, strip the paint, sand, and prime where appropriate.

The Bottom Line

Interior painting is not a complicated task, but if you don’t have the skills, training, and tools, you’re more likely to make one or more of the above mistakes.

Hiring a professional painting contractor is a sure way to avoid the above mistakes and get a clean, flawless, and durable paint job.

If you need professional help with your interior painting project, Eason Painting can help.

Our home interior painting services are available in Washington Township, Rochester, Romeo, Shelby Township, Harrison Township, and Clinton Township, MI.

Call us today on 586-465-5081 for a FREE painting estimate.


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