7 Tips For Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets in Rochester, MI.

Remodeling and refacing your kitchen cabinets is an ideal way to be updated and give a brand new look to your kitchen!

Moreover, refacing your cabinets is more convenient and economical rather than having a full replacement.

However, there are factors and things to consider when you opt to try cabinet refacing that’s why you should be properly guided!

With that in mind, here are the 7 Tips For Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets in Rochester, MI.

1. Check For the Cabinet’s Layout

Unfortunately, not all types of kitchen cabinets can be remodeled by cabinet refacing, drawers that suffer from serious structural issues are not suited for it.

That’s why checking for possible damages is essential so that your refacing will be worth it and last longer.

The ideal cabinet for refacing are the ones with panels that are smooth and with sturdy cabinet frameworks.

2. Gather All The Materials For Cabinet Refacing

If you were planning to do the cabinet refacing on your own, it’s very vital to prepare the materials for this type of project.

Some basic tools that you will need to purchase are screwdrivers, nail guns, electric drills, putty knives. Paint stirrer, brush, and sponge.

Preparing these kinds of tools will make your work easier and faster in the long run.

3. Choose your LayOut Design Ahead of Time

There are varied ways to make your kitchen cabinet more appealing, stylish, and modernized because the layout of your cabinet depends on your aesthetic taste.

Moreover, additional accessories and installing new doors can make your layout to be more highlighted.

You may also choose from typical and recent designs in black, white, chrome, nickel, bronze, and gold finishes.

4. Make Sure Everything Is Clean and Remove

Over time, your kitchen cabinets accumulate dirt, dust, splatters, stains, and pigments due to several factors and issues.

That’s why cleaning beforehand is the smartest thing to do, so you will be smoothened and refacing-ready.

In cleaning the surfaces of your cabinet, you may wipe it using a sponge or sand it to make it even.

Moreover, removing the doors, drawer front, molding, or any objects that will obstruct the refacing process is needed.

5. Check The Measurements Accurately

To ensure your new refaced cabinets are perfectly matched with your new drawers and doors, measure their sizes appropriately.

It is very recommended that you measure the width and height of your cabinet twice for a more accurate number.

This is to avoid waste of money and effort especially if you are doing it by yourself, be careful and wary.

6. Look For Best Materials For Your Project

Finding the best materials is very necessary for cabinet refacing because you don’t want to purchase materials that are not personalized with your cabinet.

The veneer is one of the best materials for front frames, this is used to make the cabinets look like wood species.

Always make sure to buy both the veneer and door/drawer fronts from the same dealer, so wood grains will match up perfectly.

7. Cover With Stiles And Install New Hardware

After finding the best material for your project, you are now ready to cover it with veneer.

In covering, start with the vertical pieces (stiles), and then move to the horizontal pieces (rails) then, trim the extra material with a sharp utility knife.

Lastly, it’s time to install the cabinet hardware, such as knobs and pulls, and finish the drawers. You may use a drill or a screwdriver to make holes for knobs on the doors as well as for the pulls on the front of the drawers.

After this process, you can now see your new remodeled kitchen cabinets that will greatly improve the appearance of your kitchen!

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