8 Signs That Your House in Macomb Twp. Needs To Be Renovated

When you buy your first house in Macomb Twp., everything seems perfect. Over time, you live there and build your family, your environment and your cocoon that you call your home.

Over the years, your home evolves with you and while it may seem subtle, it can age quickly.

Even though some signs are less easy to discern than others, when you think about them, you soon realize that it might be time to give back some love to your home in Macomb Twp.

Here are some signs your home needs a little more attention;

  1. Your Roof Looks Worn Out And Tired 

After a few storms and winters, you notice a weakening of the roof (shingles loosen, water infiltration, sagging). These are some of the first signs to take into account.

If you constantly push the roof cleaning and repair job, you may end up paying heavily in the long run.

  1. Your floors are in bad shape

Whether it’s a family home or you live alone, your floors are not immune to wear and tear. Natural materials such as wood could be damaged over the years, either by the number of furniture you have moved, the claws of your pets, moisture, etc.

  1. Plumbing is old

This is common in old homes: the piping ages poorly and easily deteriorates with the seasons. Even more when you are buying a century-old home, you will inevitably need to revisit the plumbing.

  1. Your exterior siding is damaged

The outside of your house is constantly exposed to the bad weather in different seasons. Whether it is brick, vinyl, wood or concrete, your siding is not immune and could eventually deteriorate.

  1. You find mold

If your insulation seems to be weak or at the end of its life, moisture may be created in your walls, resulting in mold growth in the most affected areas.

This is an indicator to take seriously and adjust quickly for your health (and wealth).

  1. You notice growing cracks on your walls

The old houses ‘move’ slightly with time, and that’s why some cracks can be created on your walls.

However, if you notice cracks growing quickly over time, this could be a good reason to call in for renovation. If the cracks are superficial, you can opt for aesthetic renovations such as repainting.

However, if the cause is structural, you will have to undertake more serious renovations.

  1. Your paint is failing

Several factors will lead to the long-term wear of your paint. Common signs of paint failure may include paint flaking, yellowing, cracking and peeling.

If you see any of these either on the interior or exterior, it’s time for a new paint job.

    8. Thinking of selling your house

If you’re considering selling your home any time soon, now might be the best time to do some renovations.

You don’t have to invest in costly renovations that will drain your account. Focus on simple but effective renovations such as repainting, fixing gutters, cleaning the walls and roof, decluttering, changing fixtures, updating interior décor, minor landscaping, etc.

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