5 Painting Tips For Selling Your Home in Romeo, MI

Just like everything else we own that comes and goes, there also comes a time when we come to a point where we have to sell our homes.

We acquire different needs as the years pass by – either we need a bigger space for your expanding family or moving out of town for a new job opportunity – and selling your house would be one of your first options to cope with these sudden changes.

Selling a house can be tricky – you have to set the right impression right off the bat, so you can close your sale faster.

One of the elements of a house that helps in setting the right impression would be its paint – you’d be surprised how the simple color of your paint is crucial in setting the right impression for your potential buyers.

So, if you’re currently scouring the internet looking for the right painting tips to sell your home, well, you’ve come to the right place.

To speed up the sale process of your house, here are 5 Painting Tips For Selling Your Home in Romeo, MI.

1. Paint Before Advertising

Before putting up any “Up For Sale” posts and signs for your house, you might want to consider repainting or retouching your interior paint first.

By giving your house a repaint first before you advertise, you can improve your chances of securing an offer, since it will be rejuvenated with that fresh coat of paint, giving it a luster that will make it seem brand-new.

Additionally, repainting your house first before putting it up for sale will improve your property value, which will be of great help if you need to sell the house quickly or you’ll need the money.

2. Stick To Light, Neutral Colors

When repainting your house, it is recommended to stick to light, neutral colors such as whites, greys, and creams.

This is because light colors would be easier to work with and pair with various furniture, which can be a great selling point because you want your potential buyers to feel like they can move in right away in your house.

Additionally, lighter paint maximizes space and gives off that airy vibe, which will be a great impression to set among your potential buyers.

3. Consider Painting Over Dark Interiors

While dark interiors are indeed fun, they might not be the best choice in selling your home, to which you might want to consider painting over them with light-colored paint.

Dark interiors make a room feel more closed off and smaller than it actually is, which will not be a great selling point for your potential buyers.

Additionally, dark interiors reduce light, which will be a problem in setting a good impression because you want your house to appeal as bright and glowing as possible.

If your buyer also plans to paint over their newly bought house, seeing dark interiors in your house would pose as a disadvantage to them in purchasing your house since dark interiors are generally harder to paint over than light interiors.

4. Make a Good Impression With Your Exterior!

Of course, in selling your home, you should think about the whole picture and think about your home’s exterior too.

Ideally, it would be better to also repaint or retouch your home exterior, since it is technically the first thing that they will see when checking out your house, and it would be better to set a great impression right off the start when they haven’t even stepped in your house yet.

Thinking about how your exterior will look is crucial because having the finest interior would be useless if your buyers had already decided not to buy your house at one look of your home exterior.

5. Hire a Professional Painter

If you’re still totally unsure if you’re up for the task of repainting your house but want it to look the best to help it sell faster, you might want to just opt to hire a professional painter.

A professional painter will be of great help to you since they are experts in the field, and will know exactly what to do to help you close your sale sooner.


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