7 Kitchen Painting Mistakes To Avoid in Romeo, MI

It does spark joy to cook and prepare in a kitchen that feels spacious, clean, and productive.

A good, well-lit, and bright kitchen inspires us to cook better, to be more productive in the kitchen, to look for healthier alternatives, and this just gives us an overall satisfactorily dining experience and wellness.

In order to truly unleash your kitchen’s potential, you must consider how it appears, because if your walls are dirty, it also kind of reflects on the food you prepare in it.

We must heavily consider how we paint our kitchens because it does play a huge role in giving us that joy and satisfaction while using it.

With this, here are 7 kitchen painting mistakes we must avoid in Romeo, MI.

1. Painting Without the Use of Primer First

Primer is essential in painting – it sets the wall’s durability to hold the paint for a long time and for the paint’s true color to shine.

When you are going from a dark to light color, the primer is a step that you must not skip as this makes sure that the lighter color will pop and truly shine instead of being overshadowed by the previous darker color.

We have our own expectations on how we want our project to look in the end, so skipping something like the process of primer will definitely leave you with a less desirable result in the end.

Primer is, yes, a lengthy process, but this will leave you with a long-lasting finish and satisfactory result in the long run.

2. Not Cleaning Your Kitchen’s Walls

It does tend to get messy in the kitchen – this is where we prepare and cook our food, and somewhere in between the process some slimy accidents are bound to happen, and it is normal.

We may not notice it, but the amount of muck in our kitchen’s walls are definitely one we should get rid of, especially before painting.

Making sure that your kitchen walls are clean will ensure that your repaint project will be a sure success.

3. Leaving the Tape For a Long Time

To get clean and streamlined results after painting, utilizing a painter’s tape is a must.

However, when left for a long time, this painter’s tape only brings more destruction than good results.

In doing a painting project, you must keep in mind to only leave the painter’s tape for a maximum of an hour, or else it might peel away the paint when you remove them.

Some tips in removing them would be to tamper its adhesion by using a razor blade, so you can carefully and easily remove it.

You could also use a hairdryer to heat and loosen the adhesive, making it easier and safer to remove from the wall.

4. Overly Brushing

To have the smoothest finish when painting, one should not get too caught in the habit of overbrushing.

To do this, you must load the brush with paint and quickly cover an area, then use a stroke or two to make it level.

Overbrushing creates the problem of visible brush marks and ridges, which are just a sight for sore eyes.

Don’t get too caught up with the joy of brushing! It is better to do two light coats than to have one coat that is rather thick, uneven, and overbrushed.

5. Using Cheap Materials

Let us not lie, a repaint job is expensive.

It costs a lot of money, time, and investment.

But redoing a cheap paint job is even more expensive, and will just fuel your frustrations and headache, so it would probably be better to invest in more pricey but quality materials than to pay for the whole thing twice.

Using cheap materials may seem to be a bargain, as you are buying the same thing for a lower price, but all it does is just cost you more than you’ve invested in the long run.

6. Checking Paint Samples in the Wrong Light

One thing that most people really overlook and usually commit is checking paint samples in the wrong light.

Checking paint samples under a different light instead of on the surface you’re trying to paint on can result in a different outcome than when you expected it.

It is always better to be sure, to exactly know what matches in this kind of lighting, for you to achieve desirable results after.

7. Lack of Preparation

A repaint project is definitely strenuous, it takes a lot of your time, and is expensive.

So if you’re not ready to commit to that, better push it back until you’re ready to actually do it.

This move will save you from a result that is underwhelming, leaving you unsatisfied and redoing the whole thing again.


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