7 Mistakes To Avoid While Painting Your Ceiling in Washington, MI

When you have an interior painting project that you are considering, such as painting the walls of your living room, you may not even realize how long it has been since you have painted your ceiling.

Though it’s often a good idea to paint your ceiling around the same time, the issue is that making even one of a number of fundamental mistakes in the process can not only make it cost more but also delay is substantial.

With that being the case, let’s look at seven mistakes to avoid while painting your ceiling in Washington, MI.

1. Not Planning The Ceiling Painting

Quite possibly one of the biggest mistakes that you can make when you are getting ready to paint is to just dive right into it and start painting without taking the time to plan it out first.

There are many reasons you should plan out a painting project before you start it but one of the most important ones is that you will know how long it’s going to take to paint, which will mean that you can plan the time that you paint as well.

2. Using The Wrong Paint

A person might think that they could just walk into a paint store and get some paint and just start painting their ceiling, but some care has to be put into the selection.

If you choose a good paint that is flat, you will be much less likely to see major drips (but of course this does not mean that you shouldn’t protect your floors when using this kind of paint) and it’s going to look a lot better on your ceiling.

3. Not Sanding Before Painting

There are many ways that you can prepare your ceiling before you paint it but one important step that you should not skip is the sanding of the surface that is going to be painted.

The reason that this is the case is that sanding the surface that is to be painted gets it smoother and as such makes it easier to paint.

Instead of having a struggle getting the primer and the paint on the surface, you will have an easier time.

4. Not Letting Your Paint Dry

There are few things that are as dull as seeing paint dry — it is for this reason that you hear people talking about how dull it is to do so.

Nevertheless, it is something that needs to be done (even if you’re not watching) because if you don’t allow enough time for your paint to dry, you will find that bits of the paint picked up on the paintbrush when you go to paint another coat.

This can also be the case when you apply the primer — you need to wait for the primer coat to dry before you apply paint.

5. Using Makeshift Scaffolding

In the course of painting your ceiling, you will have to make sure that you can access the ceiling — which means that you bring yourself up to the ceiling or somehow — and if you think this means that you just put a plank on a couple of large piles of bricks, you are mistaken.

Indeed, this is incredibly difficult to move around your space being painted and is a bit on the dangerous side compared to a portable ladder.

6. Being Stuck On Only One Color

There are many colors that you can find in the world of interior painting, and so many of them work well with painting your ceiling.

You don’t need to limit yourself to painting your ceiling only one color — white, that is.

7. Leaving The Lid Off The Paint Can

Lastly, there’s one mistake that people will often make in the process of painting their ceiling is to leave the lid off of their paint can.

This can cause numerous problems, including crust forming on your paint in the can as well as the distinct possibility that you might just step on the lid while you are painting.

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