7 Questions To Ask Painting Contractors in Washington, MI

Asking some questions to your painting contractors will help you determine whether it’s right to hire them for your painting project or not. 

It’s best to leave a painting project to the professionals especially if you’re not that DIY type of person. 

It’s always a good idea to ask some questions before hiring painting contractors as it will help you make better decisions.

With that in mind, here are 7 questions to ask painting contractors in Washington, MI.

1. Ask If They Offer Insurance

There are two types of insurance that painting contractors should offer to you; the Comprehensive Business Liability and the Workmen’s Compensation.

In Comprehensive Business Liability, your property is insured in case your painting contractor causes any damage. 

In Workmen’s Compensation, you won’t have any liability in case a worker gets injured while working on your property. 

Make sure that the painting contractor that you will hire offers these two types of insurance.

2. Ask What Brands of Paint Do They Use

The painting contractor that you will hire should always use high-quality paint, stain, and other products concerning the painting project.

By asking what brands of paint are they using, you will have an idea if they’re using the ones with high quality or not.

You can also ask them to use a certain brand of paint, and the number of coats that they should apply.

If you don’t ask them what particular brand of paint or product they should use, you might end up regretting the result.

3. Ask If They Hire Subcontractors

Hiring subcontractors are a lot cheaper than hiring company employees since they are usually paid a flat fee.

Painting contractors are also not required to pay for their social security taxes and other benefits of an employee.

This is the reason why many painting contractors consider hiring subcontractors for their painting projects.

However, most of the subcontractors didn’t have any proper training, and painting contractors usually don’t know them personally.

A bad paint job is highly likely to happen since they lack proper training and experience.

You also put your home and personal belongings at risk when the workers for your painting project are subcontractors.

4. Ask If They Have A List of References

Painting contractors with a high reputation will always have a list of their customers in the past as well as pictures of their past accomplishments.

This serves as their proof for their past works and a way for promoting themselves to their new clients.

By asking for a list of references, you’ll have an idea if a painting contractor is right for your painting project.

5. Ask If Their Employees Had Proper Training

Before hiring a painting contractor, ask them first if they have employees that had proper training.

Most of the painting contractors who have their own employees usually offer proper training for their employees.

So the painting contractor you’re talking to has employees that had proper training, a high-quality paint job is assured. 

6. Ask If They Offer A Warranty

You should ask your painting contractor if they offer a warranty for the painting project.

Also, ask them how long is their warranty as well as the things that it covers. 

The warranty given to you by a painting contractor should cover the labor and materials.

Make sure to ask your painting contractor for a hard copy of the warranty.

Many painting contractors get away from offering a warranty by not giving a printed copy of it.

7. Ask If They Can Give You An Estimate

Ask your painting contractor if they can give you an estimate; these include the material and labor costs.

Also, ask them if there’s a downpayment that you need to pay before they start working on the painting project.

It’s crucial to clear things up with your painting contractor before you hire them.

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