7 Top Color Picks To Paint Your Bedroom this 2021 in Richmond, MI

Our bedroom is that one part of our house where we seek comfort and relaxation.

It is that one part of the house where we feel the freest, where we can absolutely lay our hair down and be our unfiltered and real selves.

Those bedroom walls do hold so many secrets, seen so much tears and laughter, but do they truly represent you?

It is only important that our bedrooms feel authentically us, otherwise, it just doesn’t provide much comfort and relaxation, which is what it’s supposed to do.

But fret not, here are 7 top color picks for you, so you finally get up and do that long-due bedroom repaint!

1. Calm and Serene: Light Lavender

Nothing says calm more than light lavender.

With this color in your room, you can expect dreamy days and starry nights, and an undisturbed peaceful sleep that will get you energized for the next morning.

If you’re the type of person who’ll choose to read books and daydream alone in your room rather than going out and socializing with other people, this is the color fit for you.

2. Warm and Bright: Terracotta

Start a fire with the warm and bright terracotta!

This color definitely gives you that cozy, woodsy feeling in your room.

This color would be best paired with rustic and wood accents, just so you can make the best out of this color.

If you’re the type of person who loves the great outdoors and is just simply a fun and vibrant ball of energy, this would be the perfect color to match your vivacious vibe.

3. Airy Seaside: Shell Cream

Feel the salty air with airy seaside shell cream!

This color will give you that free and spacious vibe in your room.

This is best paired with bohemian-styled ornaments and decor, as it will just give you that perfect house-by-the-seaside feeling.

If you have a greater love for the beach and endless days under the sun, this color will be your perfect match.

4. Bold and Elegant: Wine Red

Make a fearless statement with wine red.

This color is reminiscent of autumn, and it just gives you that opulent and sleek feel.

This will be best paired with dark rustic décor and black accents, just to give you that authentic picturesque feeling of autumn.

If you’re the nostalgic and bold type of person, this color will be a match made in heaven for you.

5. Clean and Simple: Light Gray

Transform your room into a clean space with light gray.

Clean and simple is the new trend, so light gray will definitely keep your room looking up-to-date.

This gives you a sleek and organized feel, and it just looks so clean on a room.

If you’re the independent and organized type, light gray would be your go-to color.

6. Modern and Fresh: Dark Blue

The modern and fresh dark blue definitely won’t disappoint you.

This color brings on a formal and ceremonious vibe but is also modern and fresh to the eyes.

This will be best paired with silver and white ornaments just to get that color pop.

If you’re the business, always on-the-go type, this color will be perfect for you.

7. Earthy and Wild: Light Green

The earthy and wild light green will make you feel like you’re one with nature.

The color brings an earthy feel to a room, and it is just simply relaxing to the eyes.

This will be best paired with beige and nude colors, just to get that earthy colors theme going on.

If you’re the type that loves to explore the great outside and is connected to nature, you’ll definitely feel a spiritual connection to this color.


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