Bedroom Cabinet Painting Tips To Know in Richmond, MI

In elevating your bedroom’s overall appeal, you may want to consider painting your bedroom cabinets – they are not merely there to accommodate extra storage space, but to also contribute to the space’s overall appeal.

With this in mind, it is essential that we give our bedroom cabinets the necessary maintenance from time to time – which a fresh coat of paint can conveniently provide.

So, if you are currently thinking of undertaking a bedroom cabinet painting project, here’s something you’ll want to read first.

Here are Bedroom Cabinet Painting Tips To Know.

1. Prepare The Surface For Painting

In painting your bedroom cabinets, one of the first steps that you should be doing would be proper surface preparation, which just means that you need to prepare your bedroom cabinets for painting.

To do this, you will want to first inspect your cabinets for any signs of damage, then get the necessary repairs for them if you have found any.

It is important to remember that paint won’t be able to conceal physical damage on a surface all on its own, so to ensure a smooth paint finish, necessary reparations should be done.

Next, you will want to clean your bedroom cabinets, making sure that they are free of any d over time.

2. Utilize Painter’s Tape

You should also utilize painter’s tape in doing your bedroom cabinet painting project.

Painting over the edges and corners of your bedroom cabinets can be a tedious and messy task to do since paint smudges and smears definitely get in your way – but this is nothing painter’s tape won’t be able to avoid and fix.

Additionally, putting up painter’s tape on the edges of your cabinets helps in ensuring that you will have straight-cut borders after your painting project – which is essentially what you want out of this project!

3. Lay Dropcloths On Necessary Areas

Since you are going to be painting your bedroom cabinets, it will be important for you to lay drop cloths on the necessary areas.

These areas may be the space under your bedroom cabinets, your floors, or any other fixtures or spaces near where you’re going to be painting.

Paint drips and spills will always be an inevitable part of a painting project, which creates the exact kind of mess you don’t want to be taking care of after your painting project – so don’t forget to cover up with dropcloths for your painting project.

As a tip, you should acquire a canvas-type dropcloth for your project, as this is the type that doesn’t let paint seep through it, ensuring spotless protection for your covered surfaces/fixtures!

4. Prime Before Painting

In any painting project, the primer will always be a necessary component to it – and for all the good reasons!

First off, a coat of primer will ensure that your surface will be in its best state to hold a coat of paint since it helps the coat of paint to adhere better to the surface.

It also ensures better coverage for your coat of paint, which will then allow for a brighter and more vivid paint finish.

All in all, a coat of primer will ensure that you will render quality results that will last for a longer time – which is essentially what you want out of this painting project.

So, before applying your coat of paint, make sure to apply a coat or two of primer first to your bedroom cabinets.

5. Remove Cabinet Doors

Lastly, in painting your bedroom cabinets, you should ensure to remove your cabinet doors prior to painting them.

When left attached to the main frame, your cabinet doors tend to be unsteady, with them possibly swiveling back and forth, which then makes it hard for you to apply an even coat of paint on them.

So, as a form of intervention, you should remove your cabinet doors and lay them flat on a surface instead, where they can be steady and you can paint them more conveniently.

However, do make sure to keep all the necessary hardware in place, such as screws and metal plates, so you can still put your doors safely back on your cabinets after drying them.


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