Decorative style guide: Scandinavian decor

The Scandinavian-style decor is guided by a desire to promote calmness and balance, with an emphasis on light and nature.

Northerners like their homes to have a connection with nature, and this is reflected in their refined style, which combines rustic appeal, clean lines, and simple silhouettes.

In a Scandinavian home, the little details don’t go unnoticed; neglecting certain aspects of a renovation project will, therefore, quickly become apparent.

You can strike a balance between simplicity and functionality by going for the Scandinavian style.

Recreating the beautiful and very popular Nordic decor in your home is very easy. If you don’t know where to start, here are some tips; 

Choose a Pale Color Palette

Scandinavians like to cultivate chic minimalism through the decoration of their home, while incorporating rustic aspects, without choosing items that are too damaged.

Scandinavian design is focused around an austere, monochrome aesthetic combined with warm and comfortable elements.

White and gray walls are popular with Scandinavians and are often touted as one of the main features of this type of decor.

Blue walls and accent walls are also very popular, and any of these colors provide the desired ambiance for a Scandinavian-inspired room. If you go for monochrome walls, consider incorporating pops of blue, specifically a type of blue that contrasts well with hues of black, white, gray, and wood.

The most popular material in Scandinavian homes is wood. Consider installing wood siding on the walls and ceilings to add depth, texture, and warmth to an otherwise minimalist room.

In general, the floors are hardwood, except for the bathroom. If you go for hardwood, choose wood with a light grain.

Copper accessories are also one of the favorite items of the Nordic house.

More specifically, we see a lot of copper lamps. If you like this type of lamp, but don’t particularly appreciate the copper look, consider white paper lamps instead.

Scandinavian functionality

Scandinavian decor aspires to create a comfortable environment.

To this end, pure lines are sought as much in architecture as in furniture.

When furnishing rooms, try to reduce the number of accessories to avoid clutter. Spaces should be furnished to incorporate only those items that are necessary.

By adopting a Nordic decor, you seek to create a sense of well-being that should align with simplicity, since the clutter could lead to a feeling of suffocation.

When it comes to the kitchen, consider open shelving or “butcher block” type counters.

Keep walls and appliances white and adorn them with bolder accessories and hardware.

Some renovations to create a Scandinavian-style decor

Do you want to adopt a Scandinavian-style decor? Here are some renovation ideas.

  • Repaint walls and surfaces with pale and neutral tones: The easiest technique to bring Scandinavian style into a home is to repaint the walls. Of course, shades of white and gray are ubiquitous in these settings, but you can also add small touches of bright colors and some textures and patterns.
  • Integrate elements of nature into your indoor environment: The Scandinavian style is very much associated with elements of nature, especially wood and stone. You could therefore install a floor and/or a wooden or natural stone countertop, a minimalist style staircase in wood or raw metal while ensuring you maximize the presence of natural light in the room with beautiful large windows.

One of the main characteristics of the Scandinavian style is functionality.

There is a lot of multifunctional furniture that takes up little space and can be transformed according to the needs of the moment.

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