Do You Like Yellow? 7 Ways To Incorporate Yellow in Interior Design in Washington, MI

The yellow color represents happiness and its vibrancy is almost the same as the color of the sun which brings warmth to your home.

You can use this color as your theme for your interior design to add brightness to your room, or even as an accent color.

Even a splash of yellow can be powerful enough to transform and give life to your room.

Here are 7 ways to incorporate yellow in interior design in Washington, MI.

1. Yellow Walls

Whether you use yellow for all four walls of your room, or simply for an accent wall, this color will surely add a cozy and happy feeling to your space.

There are various shades of yellow you can choose from; each one has a different vibe when added to your room, so it is important to choose the perfect shade that will suit your taste.

Mustard is one of our favorite shades of yellow that we suggest using for your walls; it’s earthy and contrasts very well with blues and greens.

2. Balance With Simple Furniture

Yellow is a vibrant color; sometimes, too much brightness coming from this color can cause anxiety and discomfort for the eye.

Sleek and simple furniture adds balance to your yellow-themed interior design making your room look more pleasing. 

If you’re decorating a yellow room, make sure to keep this tip in mind; you don’t want to hurt your eyes with an extremely bright color.

3. Yellow Accent Wall

If you don’t want to paint all your walls at home with yellow color, then I suggest making a simple yellow accent wall.

A yellow accent wall won’t take too much space, but it will definitely give your home a nice point of view.

One way to add balance to your interior design is by pairing your yellow accent wall with an equally bright-colored rug.

4. Yellow Furniture and Decor

If yellow walls are not your thing, you can still have yellow as your predominant color in your interior design through your furniture and decor.

Consider using yellow furniture and decor in your living room, dining room, and even in your kitchen to add joy to your space.

A yellow-colored sofa, pillows, throws, vases, or even the flowers you pick are some ideas for your decoration to make it more vibrant even if your walls aren’t yellow.

5. Add Yellow To Balance With Blue Color

If you don’t want too many colors, but at the same time don’t want the blue to be the only color in your room, balance it out with yellow.

The combination of yellow and blue color is popular among beginners and will definitely give your room an amazing look.

The calmness of blue adds balance to the intense vibrancy of yellow, perfect if you’re looking for a soothing effect in your room.

6. Primary Color Palette 

The primary colors red, blue, and yellow is the classic color palette for people looking for an artistic look in their interior design.

Choosing the primary color palette doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use the brightest shade of these colors.

Try using different shades of these three colors, blend them well and make sure that they balance each other out.

7. Incorporate Yellow Into Natural Textures

If you’re going to repaint a room with natural textures inside it, consider painting it with yellow color to add life to your space.

Incorporating yellow into natural textures can add vibrancy to your space and make it look more alive.

Yellow is a color found in nature, so adding it to natural textures gives a relaxing vibe to your home.

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