Guide To Choosing A Paint Color For Your Kitchen Cabinets in Richmond, MI

Our kitchen cabinets are more than just storage options in our kitchen area – they actually contribute to and tie up our kitchen’s overall appeal.

So maintenance will be necessary for your kitchen cabinets – and a great way to do this would be through a fresh coat of paint.

So if you are currently planning to paint your kitchen cabinets, here’s something you might want to read as you are choosing a paint color to use for it.

Here’s a  Guide To Choosing A Paint Color For Your Kitchen Cabinets.

1. Consider The Colors In Your Kitchen

In choosing a paint color for your kitchen cabinets, a tip that you should keep in mind would be to consider the colors that are already present in your kitchen in your decision.

This is important because you will want to essentially end up with a paint color that goes well with the rest of your kitchen interior, for an overall cohesive finish.

Your kitchen cabinets are essentially a part of your kitchen interior, so you’d want to paint them a color that’ll really tie up your kitchen, and not something that feels off and mismatched.

In doing this, you can refer to color palettes available online, so you can have an idea of which colors go best with which.

However, the best course of action for this, if you are confused about what color to get for your kitchen cabinets, would be to ask a paint professional – they are color experts, and they will definitely know your best choices.

2. Look At The Lighting Present

Aside from the colors already present in your kitchen, another factor that you should be considering in your decision of choosing a paint color for your kitchen cabinets would be the lighting present in your kitchen area.

The lighting present in your kitchen area is an important factor to consider because it will essentially dictate how your paint color will eventually look once it is painted on the surface.

It can either look shades darker or lighter than it initially was, paler or deeper in color, or even have some undertones that weren’t there when you were first checking out the paint color.

So, a great workaround for this would be to check paint samples in your kitchen area, so you can factor in the lighting present there and see how it affects your possible color choices.

Or better yet, if you can do so, it would be better if you would do a test paint on a small portion of your kitchen surface, so you can really see how your chosen paint color will look once it is painted on your kitchen.

3. Follow A General Theme

If you have a general theme going on with your kitchen, then it would be much better if you would follow a general theme in painting your kitchen cabinets.

With a general theme in mind, you already have a predetermined set of colors that are curated to help you achieve that certain theme – which then takes a significant chunk of the burden from your responsibility of choosing a paint color from scratch!

Now, all you have to do is make sure that these set of colors go well with the two factors previously mentioned, and you’re good to go.

4. Lesser Is Better

Lastly, when you are choosing a paint color for your kitchen cabinets, you should remember that lesser is better.

It is very easy to get lost in the array of so many paint color choices out there on the market, which can lead you into getting too many paint colors for your painting project.

As recommended by professionals, it would be better for you to have 2 or 3 colors for your kitchen cabinets; one being the main color and the other one or two colors as your accent/highlight colors.

Any number beyond that would just be considered too much and would run you the risk of getting your kitchen cabinets looking like a mishmash of too many colors.

So, to ensure an aesthetically appealing finish, keep this tip in mind!


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