You’ve probably been reading all about the benefits of exterior repainting and the consequences of neglecting your exterior paint job. Indeed, exterior repainting boosts your home’s aesthetics, protects your siding against harsh weather conditions, and increases the value of your property. But how often should you repaint your home’s exterior, and how do you know it’s time for a new paint job?

Seriously, how often should you repaint your home? Well, there is no set timeline since each home is different. Many factors affect the exterior repaint schedule, including the material of the siding, weather, maintenance, the quality of the paint job, as well as the paint quality.

Generally, most experts say that you’ll need to paint every five to ten years, depending on the factors mentioned earlier. But as far as the siding material is concerned, here are some general guidelines;

  • Aluminum siding – requires repainting after about 5 years.
  • Stucco – typically lasts 5-6 years
  • Wood siding –stained wood should be refinished after 4 years and every 3-7 years if it’s painted.
  • Cement fiberboard –can last up to 10 years before repainting.
  • Brick – if it’s painted, it can last 12-15 years

The above recommendations are general and might not work for each home. Generally, however, if it’s been years since you repainted your home’s exterior, you should consider updating it to avoid costly repairs.

Another way of looking at it is by checking the signs of paint failure, wear and tear, and general damage to the paint and siding. Those could be clear indications that it’s time to repaint your home exterior.

Sings It’s Time for Exterior Painting 

Even if you don’t know when your home was last painted, you can always tell when it needs a paint update. Here are the signs;

  1. Paint Fading

Do you remember the original paint color on your home’s exterior? Probably not. But the fact is, each paint eventually fades, no matter the quality. Paint fading is, in essence, the excessive lightening of the paint color.

You don’t have to repaint at the fast sign of paint fading. However, excessive paint fading can make your house look old and neglected. Touch-ups on fading paint don’t always turn up great, so you should probably commit to a full exterior repaint.

  1. Paint Chalking 

Chalking occurs when the paint is broken down into fine powdery deposits. Chalking should not be confused with fading, although chalking often leads to paint fading. To find out if your exterior paint is fading, run your fingers on the wall. If you’re left with a fine powdery deposit on your fingers, your paint is chalking. If there is excessive chalking, you may also notice a chalky deposit along the base of the wall; and that’s your cue to request a new paint job.

  1. Paint Peeling and Flaking 

Peeling and flacking are clear signs your paint job is way past its prime time. The two often occur when there is a loss of paint adhesion. Paint peeling is usually caused by the use of low-quality paints or painting on a poorly prepped surface. Request for a professional repaint as soon as possible to prevent moisture and other harsh elements from damaging your siding.

  1. Paint Bubbling 

Paint bubbling is the formation of raised blisters that occur due to localized loss in paint adhesion. Bubbling is commonly caused by painting on wet or damp surfaces, or painting when there is high moisture in the air. Paint touch-up could suffice for minor bubbling, but extensive paint bubbling requires a new paint job.

The Bottom Line 

If it’s been years since you last repainted your home’s exterior, you should consider a new paint job. Also, if the exterior paint is showing signs of paint peeling, fading, chalking, bubbling, flaking, or cracking, you definitely need a new paint job.

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