Interior Painting and Décor Harrison Twp. MI: Industrial Décor Style Guide

The industrial style is suitable for people who are looking for a decor concept that is not pretentious.
The industrial style’s visual appeal and charm lie in its ability to combine utilitarian surfaces, stripped-down architecture, and salvaged objects.
If you’re looking to celebrate humble materials, this style of decor is worth considering.

One of the advantageous aspects of industrial decor is that the materials used can be as affordable as you want!
Since industrial-style decor is meant to be as clean as possible, it doesn’t necessarily cost a fortune.
This article will describe the main characteristics of this type of decor while giving you tips for creating an indoor environment that is simple, comfortable, and elegant.

The furniture incorporated into industrial decor is minimalist and no fluff. There are strong and clear lines, without excess ornamentation.
A good way to get the industrial style is to mix new pieces with recycled items.
You can convert materials like wooden crates, old ladders, or concrete blocks back into shelves, tables, or individual items.

Furniture that is too ornate or too cozy is not suited to the industrial style.
Any furniture dedicated to comfort (armchair, bed) should be neutral in color, with natural textures.
If you are using cushions or rugs, choose neutral and nuanced hues; think of woven wool, which adds a lot of texture.
Furniture should be designed with a minimalist design (think of a wrought iron bed base or a simple and elegant armchair).

Industrial Theme

If you consider an industrial color scheme, monochrome is in the spotlight, although colors with cool undertones are also welcome.
Consider neutral grays or blues for the walls, but for accent colors, you can dare tangerine and fuchsia, or their darker cousins, plum and burnt orange.
Moss and indigo greens, on the other hand, stand out well in kitchens or bathrooms.

If you stick with neutral tones, we suggest choosing from various shades to prevent the space from taking on a one-dimensional appearance.
This type of decor is focused on “industrial” textures such as concrete and metals; the variations already present generally allow working with a monochrome palette.
If you’re painting the walls and find the rooms in your home lacking in visual impact, consider adding an element that acts as a focal point or a texture that adds depth.

You Need the Audacity

To adopt the industrial style well, you have to differentiate between treasures and less interesting objects.
Remember that showing some signs of wear adds character to the object. If you find an accessory or piece of furniture that might look out of place in a traditional setting, there’s a good chance it fits into an industrial setting!
Found objects or suitable works of art, such as “mix media” sculptures or large abstract works of art, are favored.

As mentioned, metals are a key part of industrial styling, so consider incorporating tin, steel, iron, and aluminum into your space.
The metal will add style and elegance to highlight elements such as piping, aluminum counters, and steel stairs.

On the other hand, avoid warmer metals such as gold or brass, and choose cool metals with a matte finish.
Stone is another exciting way to cut through the monotony and add depth and character to these industrial spaces.

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