Interior Painting Richmond, MI: Color Ideas for the Different Rooms

Repainting your walls is the best way to change the style of your interior.
But before you start this work, it is important to choose the color of paint that will effortlessly blend in with your existing décor.

The paint colors you choose, as well as the color of the furniture and other decorative accessories, create a special atmosphere in your home.
Choosing a paint color can be one of the most difficult choices to make when working on your home or apartment.

In this article, we share some advice and tips on how to choose the paint colors for your living room or bedroom in Richmond, MI.

Living Room

The living room is an important place where you receive your guests, spend your free time, and meet your family and friends.
It is, therefore, crucial that you create a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Monochrome…

Opt for the classic and timeless white paint color: it is applicable in all rooms and especially the living room.
This elegant color reflects purity and allows you to match furniture or colored decorative elements that will bring your living room to life.
Painting your walls white can also help you optimize and expand your space; conversely, the most intense colors will tend to make the room smaller, especially if it is not very bright.

… Or Combine Colors

Do not hesitate to combine two contrasting colors that will change the proportion of your living room.
For example, yellow combined with gray paint will make your living room full of life. Red will warm the atmosphere of your room.
However, red can cause irritability and fatigue, so it is best to use it in combination with a neutral color like white.

The Bedroom

Neutral tones are the most used for the paint color of an adult bedroom.
A bedroom should be a pleasant space to rest and rejuvenate.
But don’t be afraid of the color.
The red and fuchsia pink will create a romantic atmosphere, while the gold tones will add a chic touch to your room.
Summery and bright colors are not recommended for a relaxation area. Dark colors like black, gray, navy blue, or dark green are also not recommended; they may weigh you down or tire you out.

Kids’ Room

For babies, the bedroom should be a calming and reassuring place; this goes hand in hand with very light pastel colors.
For a slightly older child, bright colors reflecting a good mood are most appropriate.

Teens are very sensitive to the color of their walls, and choosing the perfect color that will suit them is a real challenge.
In this case, a mixture of colors can be considered. Finally, note that the tastes of your teenager are likely to change over time, so avoid choosing too dark or too bright colors.

Bonus Tips

When choosing the paint color for the interior of your home, pay attention to trade names like cupcake pink, satin imperial purple, etc.
The name given to the color can often inspire you more than the color obtained.
Also, take into consideration the brightness of the room concerned: the visual rendering will be different according to the natural light but also according to the type of lighting that you will install in your room.

To hide the imperfection of your walls, you can choose a matte

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