Painting and Decoration Ideas for Your Bedroom in Washington, MI

Explore the colors that bring relaxation and sophistication to the bedroom with our professionals’ eye, who examine neutrals, patterns, and bold hues.

For the love of neutrals

In a bedroom, natural colored walls create a wonderful backdrop for creativity. To create a refined yet understated decor, consider classic Gray to increase the atmosphere of serenity.

A monochrome palette is made up of juxtaposed layers and textures.

Taking inspiration from the bedding, choose a solid pattern combined with different materials like a thick knit blanket. To ensure the color’s omnipresence, apply it on the walls and the moldings to create a uniform decoration that makes the room larger.

Generally, natural shades are an ideal backdrop for colorful furniture, canvases, and cushions, because they will give the bedroom an atmosphere of unity. They pair well with vibrant colors like lime green, raspberry, or cobalt blue.

Always ensure a good balance between hot and cold elements in the bedroom. If you have a wooden floor, which gives a warm feeling, you can perfectly use blue or green for the walls.

On the other hand, the floor is tiled with slabs of a cold shade. Warmer shades on the walls are recommended.

And one more tip: if you use cool colors in an extra matt paint quality, the walls will take on a slightly warmer, more caressing appearance on their own.

For the pattern buff

Prints and patterns serve as a starting point for choosing colors for a room.

Using at least one color of a print is a sure way to achieve harmonious decor. The combination of different patterns can be done in several ways, including using corresponding colors to unify the patterns or representing a larger or smaller scale part of the pattern or shape on another print.

Pair visibly different patterns, like a flower and a stripe, create spontaneous and deliberate decor.

To add texture and add dimension to the room, juxtapose an array of printed fabrics chosen according to the season: shantung, velvet, wool, cashmere, linen, or cotton.

Patterns add theatricality

Bold patterns in intense colors make a strong impression in a bedroom.

Please give them the backdrop they need by applying a complementary color.

While a neutral shade might seem like a logical choice to allow the pattern to stand out loud and clear, it is also possible to create a dramatic harmony by opting for a bright color of the bedding.

Consider using a combination of colors, such as dark crown molding and paler walls or vice versa, to compose a more refined palette for the room.

Overview: Color tips for the bedroom

  • Warm colors (red, yellow, orange) are invigorating and stimulating.
  • Cool shades (blue, green, and gray ) are soothing.
  • Dark saturated colors create an intimate ambiance.
  • Pale undertones give any room a feeling of freshness.

Keep in mind that the above guidelines may vary depending on the lighting. Obtain a test vial of the color you plan to use so that you can observe it in different light conditions – day and night and in artificial lighting – and get the results you expect.

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