Questions To Ask Yourself First Before Choosing a Paint Color for Your Living Room in Richmond, MI

Choosing a paint color for your living room is one of the most important decisions you have to make in the process of painting it – the paint color of your living room is very telling of the entire vibe and feel you’re trying to go with your living room.

So, choosing a paint color for your living room requires a quite comprehensive and rigorous deliberation because you must ensure that whatever color you end up with will be the best fit for your living room.

If you’re currently deciding which paint color to choose for your living room and looking for tips and ways on how to do arrive at the best decision, well, you’ve come to the right place.

Without further ado, here are Questions To Ask Yourself First Before Choosing a Paint Color for Your Living Room in Richmond, MI.

1. Will It Go Well With The Present Colors?

In choosing a paint color for your living room, you must factor in the colors already present in your living room because this determines which set or shade of color you should ultimately end up with.

Ideally, it would be best if you ended up with a paint color that will blend and complement the present colors around your living room, so you can end up with an aesthetically cohesive result.

To help you do this, you can refer to thousands of color palettes and design inspirations readily available online, so you can know which colors work best together.

2. What Specific Vibe Do I Want?

Each color will give off a unique vibe when painted onto a room – terracotta will give you that rustic and bright vibe, lavender will help establish that dreamy and cool vibe, and eggshell white will help you make a room feel brighter and airy – so your paint color really depends on what vibe you ultimately feel like putting into your living room.

Think about what vibe you’d like to put into your living room, and pick a color that will help you further establish that – same with the tip above, you can consult to design inspirations and mood boards available online so you can know which colors will go with your chosen vibe in mind.

3. Do I Want To Maximize The Space or Make It Intimate?

Depending on what you want to do with your living room space, whether make it intimate or maximize your space, your choice of paint color will also change with that.

Typically, one’s living room must feel as spacious and bright as possible, to which lighter colors will be the best candidate for this: nothing makes a space feel more spacious and airy than light colors do.

However, if you’d like your living room to feel intimate and more close-knit, dark colors would be the best choice for you – this will be best paired with a cozy, warm lamp or a sexy, roaring fireplace for a maximized intimate vibe.

4. Which Paint Color Will Look Good With The Present Lighting?

Another factor you have to consider when choosing a paint color for your living room would be the present lighting, which you need to ask yourself: which paint color will look good with the present lighting?

Lighting plays a huge role in making different colors appear – a certain shade of paint may look either shades warmer or cooler under different lighting, so you have to consider this when painting your living room.

To ensure that you end up with results that will satisfy your initial expectations, refrain from checking paint samples under lighting other than your living room’s – this way, you’ll be certain which color will look good with the lighting present.

Additionally, you could also benefit from doing a test paint, just to be certain that the paint color will look good in your living room.

5. What Paint Finish Do I Want?

Lastly, you will want to ask yourself what paint finish you want.

Determining what paint finish you want is important because it also plays a role in making your paint color appear – glossy finishes tend to reflect more light, making your paint color look brighter, and a matte finish makes your paint color feel deeper and rich.

Essentially, you have to make sure that whatever paint finish you want, it’ll look good when paired with the color you’ll ultimately end up with.


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