Repainting Your Home Exterior: Handy Tips To Keep in Mind in Romeo, MI.

Repainting your exterior can be fussy and tiresome work; without the proper research and knowledge, it is so easy to commit common painting mistakes and set yourself up for failure.

So, if you’re currently researching some tips and tricks to keep in mind when repainting your home exterior, well, you’re definitely in the right place.

To help you repaint your home exterior here’s Repainting Your Home Exterior: Handy Tips To Keep in Mind in Romeo, MI.

1. Check Weather Conditions Beforehand

In painting your home exterior, you must check weather conditions beforehand, because the weather is a crucial factor in the success of your exterior painting project.

Ideally, you should schedule to paint your exterior on a week that will be clear, humid, and dry – which are the best weather conditions to paint, and for your paint to dry faster.

You definitely won’t want to face an unexpected rainfall while painting your exterior, as this is a whole another problem in itself – and one that will cause you to double your expense and effort.

So, to avoid this, dutifully check the weather conditions before scheduling to paint your exterior.

2. Clean Your Exterior’s Surface

Our home exterior will inevitably fall victim to lots of external occurrences and agents of dirt, such as soil, dust, mud, and many other things that might accumulate on our home exterior over time.

So, before painting your exterior, it would be best to give it a thorough clean first, just to get rid of all the muck and dirt embedded in it.

You can grab your old, handy brush and scrub it down with a detergent solution for a deep clean, or opt for a powerful power washer to really clean your exterior and get it spotless for painting.

One of the reasons for most paint problems is improper surface preparation, so to avoid falling into this dilemma, make sure that you clean your exterior’s surface first.

3. Use Primer

As a general rule in painting, you must apply a coat of primer first before applying paint onto your surface.

Primer is specially made to make your surface ideal and prepped-up for painting; it helps make your paint adhere to the surface better and makes your color pop more, making it more vivid and vibrant.

Additionally, primer prevents your old paint to bleed into your new coat of paint, which is a whole new problem in itself and elongates your project’s longevity in the long run – so make sure to never skip applying primer.

4. Invest in High-Quality Paint

In painting something as exposed as your home exterior, you should keep in mind to invest in high-quality paint.

Cheap paint is made from low-quality materials and will obviously show signs of wear and tear faster than its quality counterparts, which will just cause you to double your expense and effort as you will need to redo and repaint them sooner than you expect.

In investing in high-quality paint, you ensure that you will get results that will look beautiful and stay that way for a longer time.

Yes, you do spend more on high-quality paint, but if you really think about it, it eventually saves you more money in the long run, as you will not need to get them fixed and repainted anytime soon.

5. Start Painting From The Top First

As a pro-tip, you should start painting from the top first in painting your exterior.

This ensures that you’re not working against gravity but instead with it.

It would be easier to fix paint drippings when you’re painting from the top first as you’ll essentially be covering them up as you make your way down than the other way around.

6. Make Sure To Get The Right Shade of Paint Color

Lastly, another pro-tip that will be useful for your quest of repainting your exterior would be to make sure that you get the right shade of paint color for your exterior.

Natural lighting, which will be the lighting of your exterior, tends to make your paint color appear shades cooler than it actually is – so you end up with a color that does not really match your initial expectation.

To solve this, you will want to go shades warmer from the color you originally chose, and test paint it on your exterior’s surface to see if it looks good under certain lighting and fits your liking.


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