Resurfacing Your Cabinets in Harrison Twp MI: The Benefits

After living in the same house for a while, it’s normal to need a change. If you aren’t looking to do a big one or don’t want to do something complicated, then you should consider the possibility of doing smaller remodeling projects.
There are rooms that you spend a lot of time in, and the kitchen is one.

More specifically, many homeowners become bored with their kitchen cabinets; color, finish, or both.
Luckily, it’s possible to change the look, and this way, you can give your cabinets a second chance without investing in a whole new set.

How does resurfacing work?

This process comes down to renovating. Your cabinets’ structure remains intact, but the outer layer or ‘skin’ of your cabinets is removed and replaced, repainted, modified. Many people also choose to replace door accessories, like drawers and cabinet handles as well as hinges.

To complete this task, you must be skillful and patient while having some renovation experience under your belt.
The process is not instantaneous and can take between 2 and 4 days. The best way to make sure everything is covered is to purchase a plating set at your local hardware store.
It will contain the plating you will need as well as the application materials.

Keep in mind that not all cabinets can be resurfaced.
Your cabinets need to have a sturdy cabinet frame in plywood or MDF panels, a hardwood frame, and well-functioning drawers or cabinets with good storage options.

Obviously, resurfacing your cabinets won’t be worth it if they are in poor structural condition.


The relative cost of installing new kitchen cabinets is not something that everyone can afford.
Once again, if you’re thirsty for a change in your kitchen, resurfacing is a great way to achieve that while keeping expenses down.
The cost of resurfacing will be approximately 60% less than that required when installing new cabinets.

An Eco-Responsible Solution to Renew Your Kitchen Cabinets

The reality is that many home improvement projects will cause a lot of losses. Removing old cabinets from the walls and replacing them will obviously lead to a lot of debris, ultimately increasing the amount of material going to landfills across the country.
Besides, many kitchen cabinets contain a material called ‘formaldehyde,’ which is harmful to the environment.

To limit this accumulation of dangerous debris, consider the eco-responsible aspects of this renovation project.
Resurfacing your cabinets will recycle these old materials and give them a second life.

Finishing options

Obviously, completely replacing your cabinets will give you a lot of choice in materials, colors, or finishes.
Being aware that with the resurfacing process, there are a lot of veneer and color options out there too, which will give you access to almost as much variety.
For example, if you like the look of real wood, there are plenty of veneer options like maple, walnut, and birch available.

Not only are the plating and paint options plentiful, but you also have the flexibility to install new hardware.
Why not consider installing edging, moldings, or even glass doors so that you can display your most beautiful kitchenware?
No matter which option you choose, know that there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to resurfacing.

Need some help with that?

If you don’t have the skills, tools, and training, you should consider hiring a professional painting contractor for help.

The painter will advise you on the paints and types of finish best suited to your cabinets and produce the best job.

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