Signs That You Should Repaint Your Kitchen Cabinets in Rochester, MI

Our kitchen cabinets are more than just their immediate functionality – aside from being extra storage options, they also contribute to our kitchen area’s overall appeal, tying up the whole place nicely.

It is important that we do the necessary maintenance for our kitchen cabinets, in order to maintain our kitchen’s overall appeal – and this can be done through a fresh coat of paint.

But how do we know that our kitchen cabinets are due for a fresh coat of paint?

What are the signs to tell us to do so?

To help you with this dilemma, here are Signs That You Should Repaint Your Kitchen Cabinets.

1. Paint Fading

If you have been noticing that your coat of paint it’s already fading or has already faded, then this is a classic sign that you should be repainting your kitchen cabinets.

Paint fading is a type of paint problem that is pretty common among households, and it happens due to the following reasons:

  1. A lack of proper surface preparation beforehand;
  2. Constant exposure to direct heat/sunlight;
  3. Lack of primer application;
  4. Using low-quality paint;
  5. An overall abysmal painting project

On the other hand, your coat of paint can also naturally fade over time, which means two things: first, that it has been a while since you have repainted your kitchen cabinets, and second, that your kitchen cabinets are in absolute need of a fresh coat.

In repainting your faded kitchen cabinets, you will want to ensure to take note of the mistakes listed above, especially primer application and using low-quality paint – these two factors contribute greatly to your coat of paint’s durability against fading and will ensure that you will have a brighter and more vivid paint finish.

2. Paint Peeling

If you have been seeing parts of your kitchen cabinets with paint peeling on them, then this is another classic sign that you should be a fresh coat of paint on them.

Just like paint fading, paint peeling is a type of paint problem that can be common among households – but just because this is a common occurrence doesn’t mean that it warrants lesser urgency.

If left unattended, the peeling issue on your kitchen cabinets might escalate to an even bigger peeling issue, which will be a much bigger hassle to fix by then – and one you could have completely avoided if you had taken care of it in the first place.

In fixing paint peeling, you will want to first scrape off the affected areas and repaint by abiding by proper painting protocols, so you can ensure that your kitchen cabinets won’t be peeling again anytime soon.

3. Water Damage

If there is water leaking somewhere in your kitchen, and the damage has found its way to your kitchen cabinets, then this might also be a sign that you should be repainting your kitchen cabinets.

Water damage will not only affect your coat of paint, but it might also affect your kitchen cabinet’s surface – not only destroying its coat of paint, but also the cabinet itself.

So in repainting your water-damaged kitchen cabinets, you will want to assess the extent of the water damage first, so you will know whether this is something you can still salvage with a fresh coat of paint, or something that you will need to replace entirely.

Additionally, in fixing the water damage on your kitchen cabinets, you will want to also look for the source of the water leak itself and get it fixed accordingly.

It will be useless to add a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen cabinets if the water will eventually find its way again to your cabinets and destroy them all over again.

4. Physical Damages On Surface

If you have been seeing physical damage on your kitchen cabinets, then this is also another immediate sign that you should be repainting them.

Having physical damage on a painted surface will inevitably affect its coat of paint in the process, which in this case, it’ll be better to just apply a fresh coat over it.

However, when you are painting on a damaged surface, it is important that you get the damages itself patched up and fixed first.

It is important to remember that no amount of paint will ever be able to conceal physical damage on a surface, so if you want to ensure that you will have a smooth paint finish, you’ll want to fix the damage on your kitchen cabinets first before applying any coat of paint on them.


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