Tips For Painting A Small Bathroom in Washington, MI

While doing a painting project in a small bathroom space can seem to be a venture that doesn’t need that much thinking and strategizing, there are actually a lot of little details and adjustments that need to go into such a project to ensure that you don’t end up cramping the space.

If you go into it uninformed of these, you might be setting yourself up for failure.

So, if you are doing the right thing and researching first before proceeding to paint with your small bathroom space, here’s something you should be reading!

Check out these Tips For Painting A Small Bathroom.

1. Go With Lighter, Brighter Colors

In working with a small bathroom, you’d fare better by selecting lighter and brighter colors for your project.

Generally, in working with a smaller space for a painting project, light colors are usually recommended since these colors reflect more light, which then gives way to a brighter and airier room, and essentially makes the space feel bigger than it is.

So, in painting your small bathroom, you should go for lighter colors such as soft whites, pale pastels, and neutrals, to ensure that you end up with a space that feels light and bright.

Additionally, in choosing a paint color, you should consider the lighting present in the space and the surrounding colors in your bathroom – these are important factors to consider to ensure that you end up with the best possible choice.

If you’re concerned about the space feeling too monotonous, consider using different shades of the same color or introducing a subtle pattern through accessories like towels and shower curtains.

2. Be Wise With Your Color Options

In working with an already limited space, there are limitations to what you can incorporate into the space – thus, you’ll need to be wise with your color options.

As a general rule, you’ll want to end up with two to three colors at max – one as your primary/main color, and one/two colors that will serve as your accent or highlight colors.

Incorporating way too many colors into an already limited space will cramp the space and negatively affect it, making it look overwhelming to the eyes – which is the type of thing you should avoid when working with a small space.

3. Embrace Vertical Lines

When painting a small space such as a small bathroom, embracing vertical lines and incorporating these into the space will be a great way to maximize the space.

This is because vertical lines tend to accentuate the height of your space, and in turn, have the illusion of a larger space and maximizing your small bathroom!

To do this, you can incorporate vertical lines into your bathroom interior using accent colors, accentuate long, vertical fixtures on your bathroom, or incorporate vertical furnishings into your bathroom space.

However, do make sure to do this with moderation and appropriately, as you don’t want to overwhelm the space with too many of these elements.

4. Paint Using The Same Color

In working with a small bathroom, you might want to consider painting the entirety of the space using the same color.

Why is this?

Painting the entirety of your bathroom space with the same paint color will give you the illusion of a larger space, since you essentially take out your borders in this fashion, which can indicate how big or small a space is.

To do this, you’ll want to paint your walls and your ceiling with the same paint color – just make sure to paint at the top first so you can avoid paint drips from destroying your fresh coat of paint!


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