Ways To Incorporate Veri Peri Into Your Home Interior in Rochester, MI.

As we get into this new chapter with the new year, we also unveil and meet a new, color of the year: the gorgeous and striking Veri Peri.

Pantone has named Veri Peri as 2022’s color of the year, and it is a dreamy and hypnotizing shade of lavender – it’s never a bad experience to be in the mood for veri peri, as it is a quite relaxing and entrancing color to look at.

So, if you’re currently wondering how you could incorporate this beautiful color into your home interior just to update and rejuvenate its overall appeal, you’ve come to the right place.

To help you paint the town veri peri, here are Ways To Incorporate Veri Peri Into Your Home Interior in Rochester, MI.

1. Have A Veri Peri Interior Walls

If you’re in the right mood to splash some veri peri into your home interior, then you would definitely love repainting your interior walls with the perfect dreamy shade of veri peri.

This would be an extremely transformative process, as repainting your home interior with this year’s color might be an unexpected but effective way to give it a fresh and rejuvenated look.

However, veri peri is a strong color, and one that would be hard to pair with existing furnishings, so you can opt for a shade lighter or more muted from it for an overall safer option.

Additionally, if you really love the exact shade of veri peri, you can paint touches of it into your home interior by pairing it with a lighter color to give it that nice contrast and complement, or an even much striking and fun veri peri accent wall!

Just be sure to give it a test paint first to see if the certain shade you chose will look good in your home interior, and you’re off to a good start!

2. Get Yourself Matching Veri Peri Sheets and Pillowcases

If you’re trying to veer off of something drastic and comprehensive as repainting your interior walls, you can still subtly incorporate veri peri into your home interior by getting matching veri peri sheets and pillowcases in your sofa or bedroom.

This will be an effective way of incorporating this year’s color since the matching colors will instantly draw your eyes, and anything that comes in matching colors is just, frankly, a visual delight.

3. Bathing in Gorgeous, Veri Peri

If you’re planning to do some renovations and updates on your bathroom anytime this year, why not incorporate this year’s color so you can bathe and soak in gorgeous and stunning veri peri?

You can add touches of veri peri into your bathroom by getting yourself a veri peri sink, or shower curtains in the gorgeous shade of veri peri, or better yet: getting glossed up veri peri bathroom tiles, which will certainly be immaculate to look at.

There’s so much room for creativity in incorporating veri peri into your bathroom, so take charge and let your creative juices flow!

4. Veri Peri Kitchen

Nothing motivates us to cook and prepare tasty and healthy dishes better than a clean and dolled-up kitchen, so this year, why not paint it a beautiful shade of veri peri?

There’s so much you can do in incorporating the color into your kitchen – you could paint your kitchen cabinets veri peri, or get yourself a gorgeous veri peri kitchen set, or even treat yourself to a striking veri peri sink or a stove!

Any color is flexible enough as long as you do it tastefully, so make sure to add just enough touches of veri peri into your kitchen for it to still be cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Silky, Scintillating, Veri Peri Curtains

For more subtle incorporation, you can treat your home interior to silky, scintillating, veri peri curtains.

While curtains are usually something you overlook in home interior design, you’d be shocked as to how curtains add so much personality and pizzaz in space – without it, a room just feels so bare and mundane.

This year, get yourself the perfect veri peri curtains, for that elevated and updated look!


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