7 Tricks To Make Bathroom Cabinet Painting Easier in Rochester, MI

In terms of home improvement, you’re going to do well for yourself if you take the time to see what can be done for any given room.

In a bathroom, for example, you have a bathroom cabinet and there are actually things you can do to help you paint your bathroom cabinet more easily.

Let’s now look at and consider seven tricks to make bathroom cabinet painting easier in Rochester, MI

1. Making Time To Plan

When you are looking into any painting project, one of the things that are going to make a significant difference between a project that goes well and one that goes less well is the extent to which you plan it in advance.

When you plan your project in advance, you do things like figuring out how much paint you are going to need to use (as well as a primer) and make a good schedule for when you will be actively painting versus when you’re allowing surfaces to dry.

You can certainly go about it the other way but by making a plan, you’ll save time and money over the course of the painting project.

2. Protecting Your Floor

If there’s one thing that can be almost guaranteed during any given painting process, it’s that there’s going to be some paint that drips along the way — the question is where that paint will end up going.

If you take the time to protect the floor before you start painting your cabinets, the paint will likely end up on the drop cloth that you use to protect it — and if you don’t, you’ll end up with paint on the floor, which is a bit harder to remove.

3. Removing Doors And Drawers

In painting your bathroom cabinets, you may want to get the work done as quickly as you can but there are some key preparation steps that you should follow including removing the doors and the drawers of the cabinet.

By doing both of these things, you will help in that it’s easier to paint them when they are removed and it’s also easier to paint the cabinets with them out of the way.

4. Labeling What You Remove

Though it might not seem all that important, it’s actually considered good practice to label the doors and drawers that you remove from your cabinets.

This is because you ideally want to put them back in the same spots from where you got them, and by labeling them it will be a lot easier to do so.

5. Considering New Hardware

Since you’re going to be painting your cabinets and thus will be removing the hardware (it’s a lot easier to paint the cabinets with the hardware removed) you may want to appreciate the time that you can now take to consider new hardware.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to buy all new hardware — rather, you can even look into thrift stores and antique stores for good hardware that is going to look good with your cabinets.

6. Deciding What Colors Will Work

It’s important to take the time to think about what colors are going to work well with your cabinets (or just the one color if you want to go that way.)

You should take into consideration the things that surround the cabinets as well as the colors of the walls and the floor and even things like how much light your bathroom gets when you’re considering the color or colors for the bathroom.

7. Sanding Before You Paint

Lastly, remember to sand the surface of the cabinets before you paint — it’s a good part of the painting process and will help you achieve a smooth surface that will help paint adhere better.

It’s not something that’s going to take you that much time since you’re gently sanding but it will pay off well.

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