Guide To Repainting Your Faded Home Interior in Romeo, MI

Paint fading can be a common paint problem among households – and it tends to drag down the overall appeal of your home interior.

If you happen to notice that your home interior seems more mundane than usual, looking a little pale and lifeless, then its coat of paint might have started to fade or is already faded.

But, this isn’t a problem a fresh coat of paint won’t be able to solve!

So, if you are looking to fix your faded home interior in hopes of revitalizing its appeal, here’s something you might find useful!

Here’s a Guide To Repainting Your Faded Home Interior.

1. Assess Why Your Coat Of Paint Faded

To start repairing your faded coat of paint, make sure to assess why it has faded in the first place.

Inspecting and assessing why your coat of paint has faded in the first place is important so you’ll know the culprit behind the paint problem, and essentially ensure to avoid the same instance.

To give you a reference, your coat of paint can fade due to these instances:

  • Investing in low-quality paint;
  • Failure to apply a coat of primer prior to paint application;
  • Skipping proper surface preparation;
  • Too much sun exposure in the area

Additionally, your coat of paint can also naturally fade over time, so if this is your instance, then your home interior is definitely long overdue for a fresh coat of paint.

2. Prepare The Area For Painting

When you know the culprit for your faded coat of paint and have taken the appropriate measures to avoid this moving forward, you’ll know want to start preparing the area for a fresh coat of paint.

You’ll want to start by clearing the space, which you can do by removing as much furniture and decoration from the room.

For fixtures that you cannot temporarily relocate, make sure to cover them with drop cloths or plastic sheets to avoid getting paint drips and splatters all over them.

Then, you’ll want to clean the surface you’re going to be painting and repair any physical damage that may be present on it, as this will ensure that you get a smooth paint finish as a result.

3. Choosing the Right Paint and Color

In repainting your faded home interior, choosing the right paint and color will be crucial decisions to make.

Making the right decisions when it comes to paint formula and color selection is crucial so you won’t find your home interior fading again anytime soon.

So, in doing this, here are a few factors you’ll need to consider:

  • Paint formula: You’ll want to end up with a high-quality paint formula that is resistant to early signs of paint fading. While it is tempting to invest in cheaper paint, this decision will also lead you back to the initial paint problem you are trying to solve in the first place.
  • Paint color: In choosing a paint color, you have two options: repainting using the same paint color, and using an entirely different color – which you’ll have to think about properly to ensure that you won’t regret the end results!

4. Apply Primer

If you are planning to repaint your interior using an entirely different color, applying primer prior to your brand-new coat of paint is crucial to achieving a bright and vivid paint finish.

Primer will help you achieve a better coverage, which in turn, will also help your brand new paint color look brighter and more vivid.

This is especially necessary if you are painting over a darker wall with a lighter paint color.

Additionally, the primer will also ensure that your coat of paint won’t fade again anytime soon – which is essentially what you are trying to do!


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