Interior Painting, Richmond, MI: Color and Decoration Ideas for Each Room

Need help deciding paint colors for different rooms for your home in Richmond, MI?
Well, it’s time to spruce up, so let’s get right into it;

Dining room color ideas

Just think of all the colors on our plate that whet our appetites: red pepper, lime, sorbet yellow, eggplant or pumpkin … All these colors have their place in a dining room.

If you are not a fan of bright colors, the soft shades coming out of the spice cabinet should suit you: golden tones of cinnamon, rosemary, nutmeg … They create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, quick to bring together a family.

One more tip: create your own mix of warm and soft hues and let a bright color detail take care of bringing passion and energy into the room.
What would you think of pairing pastel yellow with a purple-pink, for example? Brown with aqua? Cream with red? Or sage with turquoise?

Living Room Color Ideas

Maybe you like the soft and natural shades, a bit nostalgic? Perhaps you prefer to play it grandiose by combining dark pink and sapphire?
Or perhaps you still want an intense color that creates depth?

If your living room is rather dark, light colors like light yellow and cream reflect the light and brighten the room.
Light blue or light green will brighten up your living room and make it look refreshing throughout the day.

If your living room is rather large, divide the space into several smaller areas, such as painting the inside of the shelving unit, providing a darker colored area behind the fireplace, or applying a light shade to the window frames…

Patterns also help brighten up space. Play with lines, tiles, original decoration, or areas of color.

Bedroom color ideas

Blue is arguably the most popular color in bedrooms. This is far from surprising because this color, which brings to mind the sea and a summer sky, has a soothing effect.
Green, which is also very relaxing, works very well here as well, while the soft, warm hues create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Bright colors are not to be ignored, as long as they are correctly combined with natural shades.

Is your bedroom a little tight? Watch out for dark colors, which make the space smaller. Also, always aim for a good balance between warm colors and cool colors.
With a (warm) wooden floor, green is suitable, for example. With a tiled floor of cool color, prefer a warm shade.

Pro tip: apply your cool colors in an extra matte finish so that your walls appear a little warmer.

Bonus Tips: The Effect of Color on Your Interior

Colors have a kind of temperature; here is what it means.

Red – strength, passion, impulse.
Red is the ideal color to create an intimate, warm, and welcoming atmosphere, but beware: too much red can cause nervousness and fatigue.

Blue: serenity
Being an everyday color, blue creates a soothing and natural atmosphere in the bedroom.
Blue inspires and calms and is therefore perfect for places where you study, sleep, and read.

White: purity.

White is calm, refreshing, timeless, but also dynamic. It stimulates creativity and enlarges the space in combination with another color; white looks fresh and vivid.

Purple: intelligence and spirituality.

Purple is the perfect color for a meditation or study space and has even more effect mixed with earthy colors like dark green, blue-green, brown…

Brown: tranquility
Monotone? Not at all! Brown creates an atmosphere of security, solidity, stability, and comfort.

Pink: Calmness
Give pastel tones a modern touch by pairing them with a soft shade of brown.
If you choose pastel shades, consider bright colors: pale pink, yellow, cornflower.

Need Help With Interior Painting?
Interior painting and choosing paint color is not a complicated task, but if you don’t have the skills, training, and tools, you’re more likely to make one or more of the above mistakes.
Hiring a professional painting contractor is a sure way to pick the best colors and get a clean, flawless, and durable paint job.
If you need professional help with your interior painting project, Eason Painting can help.
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