Kitchen Painting Tips For Less Mess in Richmond, MI

Mess will always be present in any painting project – it comes in the form of paint drips, spills, and splatters, among other things that’ll potentially be messy in your project.

But, this is not to say that mess is completely unavoidable in all circumstances.

With the right tips and tricks at hand, one can lessen, if not completely avoid, the occurrence of mess in their painting project.

So, if you’re currently planning your kitchen painting project and would want to ensure that it goes as mess-free as possible, here’s something you’ll want to read.

Here are Kitchen Painting Tips For Less Mess.

1. Clean Your Kitchen First

One of the first things you’ll want to do to ensure that you’ll avoid a mess in painting your kitchen would be to do proper surface preparation – in simpler terms, you’ll want to clean your kitchen first.

Over time, your kitchen will naturally have all kinds of dirt on its surface – may it be grease, oil, some food bits stuck on there, and dust that might have settled over time, which you will want to remove off your kitchen surface prior to applying a coat of paint on it.

It is important for you to do this so you can avoid getting a messy paint finish, one you will definitely have to redo and revisit – in short, a failed painting project.

In doing proper surface preparation, you will want to scrub the area clean with the help of a detergent, rinse properly, and make sure that you allot enough time for your surface to dry.

Additionally, you should also inspect your kitchen surface for signs of damage or cracks, and get them fixed accordingly before adding a coat of paint on them – painting on a damaged surface will, again, result in a messy paint finish.

2. Make Sure To Clear Your Kitchen Area

Another tip to keep in mind in order to avoid mess when you are painting your kitchen would be to clear your kitchen area, to allow more space to freely move when you’re painting.

There is a lot of movement involved in a painting project, and it would benefit you the most to free up as much space as possible to avoid the unfortunate instance of suddenly tripping or running over some clutter in your floor – which will just potentially create the mess you’re trying to avoid, especially that you’re handling paint.

In doing this, you should clear out all your kitchen appliances, furniture, cutlery, and other essentials, to ensure that they won’t disturb you or be in your way while you continue with your project.

3. Put A Dropcloth On Necessary Areas

When you’re clearing your kitchen area, you will find that some of your kitchen appliances and furniture, such as your stove, your oven, or even your cabinets you cannot temporarily remove.

For these kitchen fixtures, you will want to put a dropcloth on them instead, to ensure that you won’t be getting paint drips or spills all over them.

This is especially important since drips and spills are very inevitable in a painting project, so you should make sure to cover these fixtures to avoid getting messy.

4. Preparation Is A Must

In a painting project, one of the most important elements that determine its success would be the preparation involved prior to it.\

Ensuring that you have your project sorted out from start to finish will be a great way to ensure that you won’t be making a mess along the way, as you progress with your project.

Preparing for your painting project includes gathering all the materials you’ll need to use for the project, knowing what paint color you’ll use for it, and knowing whether you’ll need to employ additional help for your project or not.

If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail – and failure typically involves mess, which is exactly what you are avoiding in the first place.


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