Ravenclaw: Painting Your Room As A Harry Potter House in Washington, MI

So many years have passed, and yet, the influence and impact of Harry Potter still live among us – the old and young generation alike.

One of the most memorable references to come out of the mega-successful series would be the Hogwarts Houses – namely, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw – and each of these houses represent a whole unique set of character traits that you can be categorized in.

So, if you’re an undeniable Ravenclaw and are proudly unapologetic for it, here’s something you will find incredibly enticing.

To help you build your dream Ravenclaw fortress, here’s Ravenclaw: Painting Your Room As A Harry Potter House.

1. Look For A Dreamy Shade Of Blue

The first thing you could do to make your room reflect your inner and true Ravenclaw would be to paint your walls with a dreamy shade of blue or purple.

Proudly represented by the colors of blue paired with accents and touches of gold, painting your room with this color combination will slowly get you to realize the Ravenclaw room of your dreams.

To start, you will want to look for the right shade of blue to paint your bedroom.

There are so many shades of blue available on the market, and ideally, if you want your room to look as accurate as the house of Ravenclaw, you would benefit the most in choosing a deep shade of blue and pairing it accordingly with touches of gold.

There are so many design inspirations and color palettes available online for this, so you can give it a quick search so you can see which shade will work best with you.

2. Unleash Your Creativity With An Accent Wall

If you find that merely painting your room with the colors of Ravenclaw seems too basic and predictable for you, you can take a more creative route and paint a Ravenclaw-inspired accent wall in your room!

Since an accent wall could essentially take on any form you like in terms of design and creativity, you have many design options and possibilities for doing an accent wall.

First off, you could opt for a simple, single-colored accent wall to add that nice contrast to your bedroom (maybe painting your walls with a deep shade of blue and adding a golden accent wall?)

But you could also opt for a more creative and detailed route, like perhaps a divine Ravenclaw logo accent wall, if you’re more on the artsy side and up to the task of doing one!

You can absolutely let your creativity flow and unleash with this one – just make sure that you do choose the right wall to paint it on (ideally without any furniture obstructing it and receiving good light) and you’re good to go!

3. Display Your Ravenclaw-Inspired Furnishings

You will also want to show off your Ravenclaw-inspired furnishings in your room just to add a nice touch to your Ravenclaw haven.

Ravenclaws are deemed to be curious, logical, and wise beyond their years, so to match this vibe, you can look for brass lamps, telescopes, globes, old maps, or a tapestry of astrology or astronomy to decorate your room.

Lastly, a Ravenclaw room will not be complete without books – a classic Ravenclaw staple – so you can do so by putting books at your bedside, or adding a cute hanging bookshelf near your study table.

4. Cover Your Floors With A Gorgeous Carpet

To add more coziness to your room – which the Ravenclaw common room has – you can cover your floors with a gorgeous carpet.

Aesthetic-wise, it would be much better for you to opt for a vintage carpet that faintly resembles the Ravenclaw house as a whole, but anything that you think fits with the whole aesthetic of your room will be fine – it is completely up to your creative vision!

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