Repainting Your Bathroom: Handy Tips To Keep in Mind in Romeo, MI

Nothing beats the feeling of using a bathroom that is clean and aesthetically appealing – it just makes you more comfortable.

So, if you’re thinking of giving your bathroom a well-deserved makeover and repainting it, here’s something to help you along the way.

To provide you with some handy tips as you repaint your bathroom, here’s Repainting Your Bathroom: Handy Tips To Keep in Mind in Romeo, MI.

1. Make Sure To Clean Before Anything Else

Though you should clean before beginning any painting project, it’s especially crucial when it comes to a bathroom painting project.

A bathroom may get pretty unclean, especially the surfaces of the walls, since they are more prone to mildew and mold, two of the worst things you will ever see on a surface to be painted.

If you don’t take the time to clean the walls before painting, the mold and mildew will most likely return soon after you’ve finished.

Additionally, a lack of proper surface preparation is the root of most paint problems that might manifest later; painting on an unclean surface just leaves a nasty and poor finish.

While molds and mildew will not necessarily hinder you from painting your bathroom walls, they will most certainly ruin your paint in the long run – which you will need to revisit and fix, causing you to double your effort and expense.

2. Tape Your Light Switches and Plates

In the quest to repainting your bathroom, you should keep in mind to prioritize your safety and tape your light switches and plates.

A painting project tends to get inevitably messy, and paint drips and spills can happen anytime, so to ensure that you do not get any unnecessary paint splatters on your light switches and plates, you should cover them up with painter’s tape.

Additionally, an unprotected light switch or any electrical device for the matter is a hazard to your safety, so it will be better to get them away from your way as you repaint your bathroom.

However, if you’re not entirely sure how to do it yourself, you should not hesitate to ask for assistance and ask a professional to do the job for you.

3. Don’t Forget To Use Primer

When you’re repainting your bathroom or doing any painting project, you should not forget to use primer before applying your first coat of paint.

While many will deem primer application as merely extra and inconsequential, this is not the case at all – applying a coat of primer ensures the success and longevity of your painting project in the long run.

Primer ensures that your coat of paint will adhere to the surface better, that the paint will look more vibrant and brighter, and that it will yield a seamless and smooth finish.

4. Use The Appropriate Paint

Because of your bathroom’s proximity to moisture and water (or really any bathroom at all), it would be recommended for you to use paint intended solely for bathrooms.

Ideally, you’d want paint that will resist moisture, molds, mildew, and any other moisture-related problems in your bathroom.

If you’re not entirely sure which kind of paint to get (and we do not blame you, there are a thousand variations of paint out there), just do not be shy to ask your local paint specialist so they can give you the best options.

5. Cover Up And Protect

Lastly, you should cover up and protect anything that you cannot remove from your bathroom so that it will be splatter and drip-free when you finish.

These include your floor, bathtub, toilet, and sink – anything that you cannot physically remove from your bathroom, you’d want to cover up with some kind of cloth.


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