Residential Painting Washington, MI: Foolproof Painting Tips

Repainting your home, furniture, or deck can be a rewording project in addition to increasing the value of your property.

For a relatively small painting project, DIY painting can be a satisfying and even cost-saving achievement, however, if you have a large painting project, consider hiring a professional painting contractor;

Things to Do Before You Start Painting

Before you even start painting, take a few steps to properly prepare your project. Here are a few tips to make sure you start your work the right way.

  • Determine the brushes you will need according to your type of paint and the finish used;
  • Choose the right rollers so that the paint spreads easily;
  • Protect your floors from any paint stains;
  • Provide a small stepladder to reach the top of the walls;
  • Put on old clothes/apron.
  1. Clean Your Rollers Before Starting

Even if they are new, you must clean your rollers with hot water before starting work. This will limit the detachment of hair and particles.

Besides, a slightly damp roller facilitates adhesion to the paint.

However, watch out for the excess water, which could ruin the finish.

Also, make sure you have the right paint roller for the type of work you are going to undertake.


  1. Use A Broom and Damp Cloths to Remove the Dust On Your Walls

Nothing is more unpleasant than spreading dust in a coat of new paint.

Use a broom with damp cloths to remove the dust, and be sure to sweep the floors well to prevent dirt from rising during your work.

Remember also, in addition to cleaning, to prepare the walls well if there are repairs to be done.


  1. Wrap Your Gallon of Paint with A Rubber Band to Remove the Excess

Rather than using the gallon outline to wipe your brush, wrap it with a large elastic band and use it to remove excess paint.

This will limit the damage while keeping your container clean and easy to open in the future.

Did you know that there are different types of brushes depending on the type of paint chosen?

Keep in mind that choosing the right brush for your needs will help you work more efficiently.


  1. Use Plastic Wrap to Cover Objects That Are Difficult to Move

Some objects are difficult to move and stain easily, especially when painting in the bathroom or the kitchen.

Rather than using thick, bulky towels, you can just use plastic wrap to protect them.

  1. Trim The Edges of Your Old Rollers Before Using Them

To avoid apparent roller strokes, you should trim the ends of your used roller slightly. You will feel like you are using a brand new roller.


  1. Use a homemade pad to paint hard to reach surfaces.

The bathroom is often a challenge, even for experienced painters.

The use of a pad glued to a paint mixing stick or a wooden ruler is perfect for the backs of toilets and other areas difficult to access.


  1. Always Keep a Damp Cloth On You

Even if you have an agile hand, you are not immune to a crooked brushstroke.

Fortunately, latex paint can be cleaned very well with a damp cloth, if you don’t wait too long before acting.


  1. Paint One Wall at A Time for Best Results

This may seem trivial, but many people do the complete cutting in before starting to roll.

When painting one wall at a time, you will see an almost imperceptible transition between your brush cutting and your roller application.

This is one of the best tips for a successful cutting in.

The Bottom Line

As earlier mentioned, if you don’t have the skills, tools, and training, you should consider hiring a professional painting contractor for help.

The painter will advise you on the paints and types of finish best suited to your project and produce the best paint job.

If you need professional help repainting your kitchen, kitchen cabinets, or even the entire home interior, our team at Eason Painting would be more than happy to help.

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