Tips For Painting And Decorating A Small Living Room in Washington, MI

It is indeed a challenge to be painting and decorating a small living room – there are just so many intricacies to this that you need to keep in mind or else, you’ll end up with a cramped and uncomfortable space.

So, if you are currently looking for tips on how to work with a small living room, here’s something you mind find useful.

Without further ado, here are Tips For Painting And Decorating A Small Living Room.

1. Choosing The Right Furniture

When you are working with a small living room, you should remember to also be mindful of the furniture you plan to incorporate in it – so, one of the first things that you should be doing would be choosing the right furniture.

Ideally, you would want your furniture to be compact, convenient, and space-saving.

Because you’re working with a rather small space, you should look into getting a couch or a sofa that also doubles as organizers where you can put various things in – a smart, two-in-one kind of furniture!

For more storage options and decorations, you should opt for hanging shelves over closed cabinets because the latter will just take up more space in your living room.

With hanging shelves, you get to save on floor space, but you also get a stylish and modern way to store and display your various living room essentials and furnishings!

Lastly, you should think about getting mirrors in your living room, since they will help in maximizing your living room space – mirrors help create the illusion of a larger space, which is essentially what you want to do with your living room!

2. Painting Using Lighter Colors

In painting a small living room, a tip that you must absolutely keep in mind would be to use lighter colors, because you would benefit the most from this.

When you’re working with a smaller space and would naturally want to maximize it, the best course of action would be to paint it using lighter colors – even paint professionals would tell you to do so!

This is because lighter colors reflect more light, thus, will help create the illusion of a larger space – which is what you want in your small living room.

Additionally, it could also help usher a bright and airy vibe, to make your small living room feel more open, and roomy and to make it feel more elevated in terms of overall aesthetic appeal!

Shades of creams, eggshell whites, and neutrals such as light beige will be great candidates for your choice of paint colors, so keep this in mind!

3. Opening More Windows

In your quest of maximizing your small living room’s space, a very simple but effective tip you should keep in mind would be to just open more windows.

Opening more windows in your living room will let more light in, thus, helping establish not only a larger, but also a livelier and brighter living room interior.

You would benefit the most from opening more of your windows if you also decided to paint your living room with a lighter color – imagine letting all that gorgeous natural lighting in with your light-colored living room interior, it’ll be such a sight!

Additionally, if you have the time and the capability to do so, you should think about putting up a skylight in your living room.

Doing this will not only benefit you by maximizing your living room space, but you could also save up on electricity, since you won’t be needing that much artificial light.

Cost-effective green solutions at their finest!

4. Less, Is More!

Lastly, when you are working with a small living room, you should remember that less, is more, and always better.

You should be mindful of elements that you’re putting in the already small space, because it will be very easy to make it feel cramped.

Additionally, it would help if you only painted the space with a single color, with one or two accents, to keep it cohesive and really tied up!


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