Tips For Painting Your Dining Room With Less Mess in Washington, MI

In any painting project, the mess will always be a part of it – this is just natural when you are working with paint, which is just naturally drippy and messy.

But, this is not to say that there are no measures or tips that you can take to significantly tone down the mess, if not completely avoid it, in your painting project.

So, if you are currently planning to do a dining room painting project and are looking for tips on how to go through the project with as little mess as possible, here’s something you need to read.

Here are Tips For Painting Your Dining Room With Less Mess.

1. Clear Your Dining Room Space First

In order to ensure lesser mess in your dining room painting project, one of the first things that you should be doing would be to clear your dining room area prior to your painting project.

Doing this means temporarily removing any furniture, appliance, decoration, or any dining room essential that you might have in the space, so you can free up more space in the area.

There tends to be a lot of activity and movement involved in a painting project, so clearing your dining room and freeing more space will greatly benefit your painting process and could help avoid any potential mess in your project.

Just think about the mess that could result when you suddenly trip or slip over some kind of obstruction or clutter present in your dining room area, and when you’re carrying paint – just thinking about it already feels like such a hassle!

2. Ensure To Do Proper Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation will always be essential not only in your dining room painting project, but in any painting project in general – but did you know that it could also help you avoid making a mess in your project?

Proper surface preparation ensures that you will have an ideal surface to paint on, which then allows for better paint adhesion and coverage – resulting in a more durable, brighter, and more vivid, and overall smoother paint finish.

On the contrary, skipping surface preparation will usually result in a messy paint finish, one you will have to redo and repaint all over again – not only wasting your time and effort, but doubling your expense in the process.

So, to avoid going through these hassles, ensure to do proper surface preparation prior to your dining room painting project.

3. Utilize Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape will also be of great help in avoiding mess in your dining room painting project.

The edges and crevices of your dining room area may be a bit tricky to paint, and could result to paint smudges – which is the exact kind of mess you’re trying to avoid in the first place – but is a good thing that painter’s tape can help you avoid this.

Painter’s tape can also help ensure that you will have straight-cut edges, essentially the marker of a clean paint finish.

But, in using painter’s tape, you must remember to remove the tape after the paint has dried, since the adhesive might stick to your fresh coat and remove them in the process – which creates another kind of mess that you are trying to avoid.

4. Lay Dropcloths on Necessary Areas

Since paint drips and spills will be an inevitable part of your painting project – or any painting project actually, for that matter – you’ll want to lay dropcloths on necessary areas in your dining room.

This might include any dining room fixtures you might have in the space, or your floors – this is so you can avoid getting paint drips and spills all over them, which is exactly the kind of mess you are trying to avoid.

In buying a dropcloth, it would be better to get a canvass-type dropcloth, since this is the type that doesn’t let paint seep through its fabric, so you can ensure that your floors or fixtures will be spotless after your painting project!


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