Tips For Repainting Your Bathroom Cabinets in Romeo, MI

Our bathroom cabinets are more than just storage solutions in our bathroom – they actually contribute to the area’s overall appeal, and really tie up your whole bathroom.

So it is important that we maintain its appearance and treat it to a fresh coat of paint from time to time.

So if you are currently planning to repaint your bathroom cabinets, here’s something to help you with your latest painting project.

Without further ado, here are Tips For Repainting Your Bathroom Cabinets.

1. Clear Your Bathroom Cabinets First

In repainting your bathroom cabinets, you should ensure to clear them first.

Because your bathroom cabinets will be used as storage, you will want to remove anything there, as part of your preparation for painting your cabinets.

It should go without further explanation that it will be hard for you to paint your bathroom cabinets if it still has your bathroom essentials in them, such as your towels, your shampoos, your soaps, and many other things that you might have in your cabinet, so make sure to remove them first.

2. Do Proper Surface Preparation

In repainting your bathroom cabinets, one of the most important things that you have to do would be proper surface preparation.

Over time, your bathroom cabinets will have accumulated a thin layer of muck, slime, and grime, among many others that you should be removing prior to painting your bathroom cabinets.

In doing proper surface preparation, you should also be inspecting your bathroom cabinets for any signs of molds and mildew.

While mold and mildew growth can be pretty common in places like your bathroom, they should not be treated with less urgency – they pose some health risks if left untreated, aside from being overall unsanitary,

Lastly, an important part of your bathroom cabinet surface preparation process would be inspecting your cabinets for any signs of physical damage, which you will have to patch up first if there are any.

It is important that you get these damages patched up first because no amount of paint nor primer will ever have the capability to conceal physical damages on their own.

So, if you want to ensure a clean and smooth paint finish, inspect your cabinets first for signs of damage and patch them up accordingly.

3. Dry Your Bathroom Floors

An important aspect of painting your bathroom cabinets would be to make sure that your bathroom floors are dry first.

It is common knowledge that wet floors can be slippery, and this could be a problem especially when you are doing a painting project.

Just imagine the mess that could result from suddenly slipping over a wet bathroom floor as you are transporting cans of paint – it’s just a hassle that you don’t want to be caught up in!

4. Choose A Paint Color Properly

Repainting your bathroom cabinets, you have two options in regards to paint color: you can either choose to repaint your cabinets using the same color or use another color entirely.

By repainting your bathroom cabinets the same color as they are, you can rejuvenate your bathroom’s overall appeal, giving your cabinets a refreshed look.

However, if you are opting to repaint your bathroom cabinets in a different color, there are some factors that you should take into consideration when deciding on a paint color.

First, you should consider the present colors in your bathroom because you will want to end up with the paint color that goes well with the rest of your bathroom, allowing for an overall cohesive appeal.

Then, you should also look into the lighting present in your bathroom because it will have a significant effect on how your paint color will eventually look.


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