Tips to Highlight Your House Moldings in Rochester, M

Are moldings just an architectural detail? Beyond aesthetic considerations, these ornaments are also used to delimit spaces, to frame doors and windows, to hide joints, and to fill holes between different elements.

In this article, we will be sharing some tips on how to highlight and accentuate your house moldings and bring out the best of your design.

But first, here is a quick look at the most common moldings;

• The crown molding, which is used primarily in the ceiling, can also be used around some furniture. They are also called cornices.
• The picture rails, which are generally thicker than other types of moldings.
• The corner moldings are used to join two sections of the wall at their meeting point, be it external or internal.
• The frames, which, as the name suggests, are used to frame, mainly around doors and windows.
• The baseboards, which are flush with the ground.

These are just a few

Here Are Tips to Help You Showcase Your Moldings

The size of the moldings: suitable for the room

Before choosing the moldings you will install in your room, you must consider the size of the room and the level of lighting. Large moldings will make the room appear smaller

Painting moldings: contrast and harmony

With a simple stroke of paint, moldings can be integrated into a decor’s color scheme. Depending on the style you want to give to the room, thousands of colors and finishes are available.
White is a versatile color that allows moldings to stand out, without giving too much contrast (unless the walls are very bright or very dark).

However, this should not be seen as the only option. All combinations are possible, as long as they work with your tastes and with the decor accessories you already have.

Careful consideration should be given to the color scheme, as it can affect the ambiance of the room.
We try to bring out the moldings without creating an overly stifling effect.
If you’re looking to showcase moldings without applying a different shade to the walls, you could also play around with the paint finishes.
For example, a matte finish on the wall and a glossy finish on the window frame.
The effect will work quite well, without creating a big contrast.

Be careful, however, not to apply too many coats of paint. At a certain point, it is best to sand the moldings and start over from the base surface.

Moldings in Woodwork and with Patterns

Wood is a rich and warm material that goes well with any decor style.
Pro Tip: if the room is small, it should be used sparingly, that is to say, that some moldings could be made of plain wood while others would be painted, to maintain a good balance.
Moldings are often sold with ornaments, which can be very pretty if they don’t dominate the decor.
Again, it’s a matter of taste. A room with heavily loaded moldings can look great if the rest of the decor matches the patterns.

Custom moldings

Store-sold moldings may suit your needs very well, but it won’t be easy to achieve results as beautiful as you would get by having them made by a professional carpenter.
This specialist will take exact measurements and choose the materials according to your needs.

Interior painting and décor is not a complicated task, but if you don’t have the skills, training, and tools, you’re more likely to make mistakes.

Hiring a professional painting contractor is a sure way to avoid mistakes and get a clean, flawless, and durable paint and décor job.

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