7 Misconceptions You Should Not Believe About Interior Painting in Romeo, MI

It is always a good idea to apply a fresh coat of paint to refresh the look of the interior of your home.

Although most of you know how repainting can transform the overall look of your home’s interior, there are still many misconceptions about how to do it right.

We’ll be clearing things up for you as we share with you some of the most common misconceptions about interior painting.

Here are 7 misconceptions you should not believe about interior painting in Romeo, MI.

1. The Type or Brand of Paint Doesn’t Matter

If you ever heard this from someone, you should not believe them since not all brands of paint are capable of producing results that are long-lasting.

Also, there are various types of paints because there are various types of surfaces as well.

This means that you have to use a specific type of paint for a specific type of surface.

Aside from that, your space and what you will paint also matters when choosing the type of paint you will have to use.

2. What You See From The Color Paint Swatch Looks The Same When Painted

Although a color swatch is a good way to help you choose the right paint color, it won’t appear the same after painting it.

A color paint swatch is simply a guide that will give you a hint about what a paint color will look like.

Your new paint color will look a little different and it depends on the type of surface where you will apply it.

The same with the color swatches that you can find on digital devices like your computer and smartphones (each of them has a different resolution).

3. Cleaning and Sanding Isn’t Necessary If You’re Using A Primer

We absolutely have no idea where this misconception came from, but you should never believe it.

Doing some prep works such as sanding and cleaning before you apply your primer is necessary.

You have to prepare your walls before you apply your new paint; dirty or peeling paint from your walls will make it difficult for your primer or new paint to adhere to the surface.

4. High Gloss Paint Is The Most Durable Finish

Many people choose a high gloss paint when painting their kitchen or kid’s bedroom since it’s easier to clean and resistant to peel.

And also because many would say “high gloss paint is the most durable finish”.

Many people have this misconception about high gloss paint that it is more durable than a satin or matte finish — it’s not true.

The durability doesn’t depend on the type of paint sheen (or paint finish) you use.

5. Applying A Primer Isn’t Required

Many people think that if they’re painting a smooth surface (one without peeling or cracked paint), applying a primer isn’t needed.

This is one of the misconceptions about interior painting that could give you a lot of problems, especially in the future.

If you want to achieve a quality and long-lasting result from your interior paint job, then you have to apply a primer before you start painting.

Applying a primer allows your paint to adhere to the surface properly and gives it a smooth and shiny look.

6. It’s Okay To Use Any Paintbrush 

One of the most common misconceptions about any paint job is that all paintbrushes are just the same.

However, this isn’t true and it’s very important for you to use the right type of paintbrush for your paint job.

Different types of paints require different types of paint brushes, and you need to use high-quality ones for better results.

7. DIY Can Save You A Lot of Money

Hiring a professional isn’t always more costly than doing it yourself, especially if it’s your first DIY project.

This is because if you don’t have all the supplies that you need, you’ll have to buy all of them.

Also, it is important for you to consider the cost of your time that you’ll be spending. 

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