7 Tips For Painting Light Over Dark Walls in Romeo, MI.

If you’re thinking of changing the color of the walls of your home, you might be wondering, “Is it possible to paint light over a dark wall?”.

It is possible to paint light over a dark wall, however, there are some things that you need to know before you start painting it.

With that in mind, here are 7 tips for painting light over dark walls in Romeo, MI.

1. Do Some Prep Works

If you’re planning to paint over a writable surface or any surface with thick coats, you have to sand all the edges as smoothly as possible.

If you skip sanding all the edges, there will be lines that are visible underneath no matter how many coats you’ve applied.

So what you got to do to avoid this is to clean the surface of your walls to achieve a smoother paint job.

You also must not forget to put painter’s tape along the edges between your walls and your ceiling, and the drop cloths to cover your floor.

2. Use The Right Supplies

To make your wall painting job faster and more efficient, make sure that you’re using the right supplies.
Start by using a roller with the right thickness since the rougher the surface, the thicker your roller should be.

Then, consider the quality of the roller you’re using; the high-quality ones will make your paint coats not just thicker, but also smoother.

You should also choose the right paint to use for your walls, and for this matter, we recommend using acrylic-based paint.

3. Use The Right Primer

If you go to your nearest paint supply store, you’ll notice that primers come in various colors or shades.

When choosing the right primer for your walls, especially when you’re going from dark color to light color, go for a white primer.

You can also mix a small portion of your new paint color with your primer to help you set the right tone.

Also, make sure you’re using high-quality primers since they are more capable of concealing darker colors.

4. Apply Multiple Coats of Your Primer

One coat of primer is typically enough, but not when we’re talking about painting light color over dark walls.

You need to apply 2 or more coats of your primer to lessen the chance of the previous dark color getting exposed.

Also, don’t forget to let your primer dry completely before you start applying your new paint to your wall.

5. Add More Paint To Make The Coat Thicker

One common mistake that DIYers make is adding less paint that causes the layers of paint to be too thin.

By doing this, you’ll surely regret it in the future, so you have to add more paint to make the coat thicker.

One pro tip when painting: roll in big “M” or “W” shapes rather than the typical way such as up and down rolling.

It will give your new paint a little time to dry instead of covering it up again immediately.

You should know that the darker the wall is, the more layers or coats you’ll need to cover it up, and the more time you’ll have to spend.

6. Take A Break

There’s no need for you to rush when it comes to your painting project, so be patient and take a break.

You have to be patient in waiting for your primer or your new paint to dry before you apply the next coat.

If you’re wondering how long you must wait, acrylic paint typically dries in about fifteen to thirty minutes, depending on the temperature and humidity.

7. If Nothing Works For You, Then You Should Innovate

If simply painting a light color over your dark walls can’t cover it up, it’s time to get creative and be innovative.

One of the ideal options for you is to paint your walls with another dark color which is one of your favorites.

You can also consider other options instead of applying a new paint (for example: wallpapers).

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