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6 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Interior Painter in Clinton Township, MI

18 / 09 / 2019 / 0 comments

Are you considering hiring a painting contractor in Clinton Township, MI? If this is your first time hiring a professional painter, you might not be sure what to look for and which questions to ask. Professional painting contractors generally provide a high-quality and durable painting service.

However, if you happen to engage an unreliable, inefficient, and dishonest painter, the results and the experience can be quite frustrating. To get the best residential painter in Clinton Township, MI, you need to ask the right questions. In this article, we compiled six questions that will help you uncover the level of expertise, experience, and reliability of any painter. Have a look;

1. Are You Insured And Duly Licensed?
Documentation is probably the very first thing you want to check. Most professional painting contractors who have been in the industry for a while have their documentation in order. However, if you’re in any doubt, request the painter to share copies of their business license and insurance.

A state-issued license is an indication that the painter has all the certification and skills required and is likely to produce a high-quality job. Business insurance and workers’ compensation cover protects you against any additional charges in the event of an employee injury or damage to the property

2. How Long Have You Been In Business?
The number of years a painter has been in the industry isn’t an automatic indicator that they are reliable and efficient. However, if they have received positive reviews and a wide acceptance within Clinton Township and beyond, you can count on their many years of experience. A minimum of five years of operation is a good benchmark

3. Are Your Painters Employees Or Sub-Contractors?
There is nothing wrong with using sub-contractors, especially during the high season. However, if you will be leaving the painters to their own devices inside your house, ask if the company has done background checks on each of them. Also, make sure each sub-contractor in individually insured.

4. What is your Surface prep work like?
Surface preparation is the most critical part of any paint project. As the painter answers this question, it should be clear that the painter won’t apply paint on a surface that is dirty, damaged, or has traces of the previous loose paint.

5. Which Paint Products Do You Recommend?
The paint quality has a massive impact on the aesthetic appearance of the topcoat and the durability of the paint. The painter should generally use high-quality paint products from established manufacturers like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. If you’re being steered toward low-cost products, find out why or find another painter.

6. Do You Offer A Warranty? Does It Include Labor And Paint?
High-quality paints from established manufacturers often come with a warranty. Also, a good contractor should always offer to repair or replace any damaged paint job within a set period. For instance, if the paint suddenly starts peeling just after a few weeks of application, they should offer a free touch-up.

The Bottom Line

The above questions should help you find a painting contractor that is reliable, honest, efficient, has sufficient interior painting experience and uses high-quality paints. Once you get the right answers, everything else should fall in place. If you haven’t identified a professional painter for your project yet, our team at Eason Painting can help.

We have years of experience offering residential interior painting services in Macomb Township, Washington Township, Ray Township, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Romeo, Armada, Troy, Shelby Township, Harrison Township, Chesterfield, and Clinton Township, MI.

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Exterior Repaint Colors That Will Sell Your Home in Macomb Township, MI

11 / 09 / 2019 / 0 comments

If you’re planning to sell your home in Macomb Township and other surrounding areas, we’ve got some exterior paint color tips for you. But first, it’s important to emphasize the benefits of repainting your home’s exterior before painting. Exterior painting boosts your home’s curb appeal, clears unattractive surface imperfections, and increases the overall value of your home.

A fresh coat of paint creates an instant positive impression when the potential buyer walks into your home. Also, it increases the chances of selling your home faster and at a handsome price tag. But that is only true if you choose the right exterior paint colors. In this article, we want to share the top exterior colors that will help you sell your home faster. Read on;

Paint Colors That Sell Homes Faster

  1. Greige

Greige is a blend of gray and beige. While it’s a relatively new color in the limelight, greige has become quite popular recently as an exterior color. While it’s a neutral color, the combination of beige and gray makes it more exciting than when either of the two is used independently. It’s a trending color, and yet it remains classic and timeless, and this makes it even more appealing to most people.’

  1. Gray

 Gray might not be one of the most exciting colors, but for some reason, it’s one of the most popularly used exterior colors. Gray is a versatile color choice because it sits pretty in different house styles –from traditional to ultra-modern.

Gray also pairs well with other colors and elements on and around the house, many of which might not work well with certain bright colors. Additionally, gray comes in plenty of shades –from dark charcoal to soft gray –so you will undoubtedly find a shade that suits your house and its environs.

  1. Wheat

If you love yellow, wheat is a great compromise. It looks like a blend between yellow and white and feels both clean and warm. Most homebuyers would shy away from bright yellows, so paint your exterior in wheat, and it will give off a positive glow next to the green of a well-kept lawn. You can accent it with dark browns or gray-blues in the trims.

  1. Blue

If you want to introduce some color to your exterior, blue is a safe shade to give a try. Blue widely appeals to most people, and darker shades suite most types of houses. Lighter shades will add a softer touch to your exterior and brighten up things a little bit. If you want to keep things a little more sophisticated but still retain the wide appeal, try out the deep blue-grays.

  1. Taupe

Taupe has properties of brown and gray, and a spectrum of different undertones. It can feel warmer with hints of red, or cooler with hints of green, making it extremely versatile and timelessly popular. Taupe works with a wide range of house styles too and appeals to people of all tastes. It’s a great way to play safe when considering selling your home.

The Bottom Line

 When repainting your home for resale, it’s generally safer to stick to neutral, lighter and softer color tones as opposed to bold, bright colors. Also, consider hiring a professional painting contractor for your project. If you haven’t identified a professional painter for your project yet, our team at Eason Painting can help.

We have years of experience offering residential interior painting services in Macomb Township, Washington Township, Ray Township, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Romeo, Armada, Troy, Shelby Township, Harrison Township, Chesterfield, and Clinton Township, MI.

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Exterior Repainting in Washington Township: Cost-Saving Tips.

4 / 09 / 2019 / 0 comments

Repainting the exterior of your home is one of the most cost-effective home improvement projects you can undertake. It instantly gives your home a new look and makes it more aesthetically pleasing. A correctly done exterior residential painting can go a long way in improving your home’s curb appeal and significantly boosting its overall value.

If you live in the Washington Township area and plan to repaint your home soon, you have probably wondered how you can cut the costs on your upcoming project without compromising on quality. We’ve compiled several practical tips below to help you save money on your project, so read on:

Ask For Estimates From Multiple Professional Painting Contractors Before Hiring

If this is your first time repainting your home, you’re probably wondering where you’ll find a professional painting contractor for your project. You can start by asking your family, friends, and neighbors for recommendations. If they know someone who did an excellent job for them, they’ll recommend the contractor to you.

Alternatively, you can search online for professional painters in your local area. Once you find some, contact at least three of them and tell them about your upcoming exterior repainting project in detail. Ensure that the painters you contact are licensed, insured, and have several years of experience in the painting industry.

A professional painting contractor will pay you a visit in your home before he can give you a quote. A quote should specify the areas in your home that need to be repainted, and any repair work that may be required. Additionally, the types and number of products that will be used as well as the surface prep processes need to be specified. Take time to compare the estimates given before choosing one contractor. Always remember that the aim of comparing multiple estimates isn’t to get the cheapest one for the job, but to find one that provides the best value for your money.

Ask For A Written Contract

Once you narrow down to one painting contractor, ask him for a written contract detailing everything that will be done during the project. A written contract ensures that everyone sticks to the scope and budget of the project, and no unnecessary additional expenses are added along the way.

Repaint Your Home’s Exterior Regularly

Since your home’s exterior is exposed to all sorts of harsh weather elements, waiting for too long before you repaint will cost you more. If you wait until the paint starts to peel or flake, there will be additional labor costs associated with surface prep that you’ll have to pay for them. The additional charges and time will go towards extra paint scraping, caulking, sanding, priming and doing repairs.

As a rule of thumb, you should consider repainting before significant signs of wear and tear start to appear. A home that’s adequately maintained will need minimum surface preparation and at most two coat of paint during repainting. Regularly repainting will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the long run.

Buy Only High-Quality Paint

Buying cheap, low-quality paint for your upcoming exterior repainting project may seem like a good idea to save money. However, what you may not know is that these paints require more coats for adequate coverage, and they fade faster. If you want to keep your home looking good, you’ll have to pay the contractor to the redo the job more often, which will cost you lots of money in the long run. On the other hand, high-quality paints require very fewer coats, offer better coverage, and last much longer.

Take Advantage Of Wholesale Pricing and Slow Seasons

Some homeowners hire painting contractors to paint different parts of their homes at different times. This can be due to financial constraints or the weather elements affecting some parts of your home’s exterior more than others. However, doing this can be very costly for the painter, and most of the time, the costs are passed to you.

To save money, you may want to consider repainting your entire home’s exterior at once. Some painters give homeowners a discount for larger painting jobs, which you should take advantage of. You can also schedule your exterior repainting project during slow seasons when contractors run special promotions or charge lower rates.

Final Thoughts

Repainting the exterior of your home should be done regularly to keep it looking beautiful and improve its overall value. Just make sure you hire a professional painting contractor and use the above tips to cut costs in your next project.

If you need any help with your residential painting needs, Eason Painting would be more than happy to help. Our services are currently available in Macomb Township, Washington Township, Ray Township, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Romeo, Armada, Troy, Shelby Township, Harrison Township, Chesterfield, and Clinton Township, MI.

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Painting Washington Township– Does It Matter What Type of Paint You Use on Siding?

25 / 08 / 2019 / 0 comments

Your siding is exposed to a wide range of damaging elements such as the glaring sunlight, the pounding rainfall, the fluctuating temperatures, and the gnawing invasive insects. Additionally, the siding collects a lot of dirt, debris and organic growth, which can make your house look dated and neglected.

Painting your siding is the best way to protect it against the numerous wear and tear elements, and boosts its curb appeal. Technically, siding means whatever is on the side of the house including brick cladding, vinyl, or stucco. The siding can even be added years after a building is finished for a complete change of character and look.

So, does it matter what type of paint you use on siding? The short answer is yes, it does matter. But to understand why, we need to look at the different factors involved including age, type, and condition of the siding, your budget, and the local climate.

There’re a few types of siding commonly used today, they include wood, engineered wood, vinyl, metal (aluminum and steel), fiber-cement, stucco, and brick. Things like fiber-cement and vinyl usually don’t need repainting because they hold their original paint pretty well, but they do eventually need some update or change in color for the sake of style or maintenance.

Other than making paint choices, the biggest process when painting all these types of sidings is surface preparation. All siding needs to be clean, free of rust or other oxidation, dry, and in good repair. Painting on dirty, dusty or wet surfaces leads to a low-quality finish and poor paint adhesion. All the necessary repairs must be done and the surface completely dried and cleaned before painting can be done.

The best paints to use for most sidings are either elastomeric or acrylic paint. Both options are effective for metal, fiber-cement and wood siding, and are generally easy to apply as long as good surface preparation has been done.

If you’re painting a previously painted surface, the general rule of thumb is to use the same type of paint that’s already on the surface. For instance, if your siding was already painted with latex, choose latex and if it was painted with oil, choose oil. Applying oil-based paint over latex often causes peeling and blistering.

You should also use a paint that is compatible with the surface or material that you’re trying to paint. For instance, a paint designed for metal siding material, such as aluminum may offer inferior performance when applied to a wood siding. Manufacturers often indicate the compatibility on the paint can.

When choosing your paint, you also need to consider durability. Exterior painting can be expensive, time-consuming and laborious, and you don’t have to do it more often than you should. Generally, more expensive paints usually contain higher-quality ingredients and come with longer warranties. So always prefer high-quality paints for the best quality finish and durability.

Lastly, painting needs vary across different climatic regions. A paint that is suitable for drier, hotter areas of Michigan may not be the best for humid areas. If you live in a humid or rainy region, you might want to choose paints that contain mildew resisting additives, but if you live in a hotter region where your house is exposed to sunlight, paints with UV resistant additives might be your best bet.

The Bottom Line

Yes, the type of paint you use on your siding matters based on the type of siding, condition of the siding, previous paint job, climate, and durability, among other factors. If you’re not sure which paint to use, don’t shy from asking your professional painting contractor for advice.

If you haven’t identified a professional painter for your project yet, our team at Eason Painting can help. We have years of experience offering residential interior painting services in Macomb Township, Washington Township, Ray Township, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Romeo, Armada, Troy, Shelby Township, Harrison Township, Chesterfield, and Clinton Township, MI.

Give us a call today on 586-465-5081 to find out what creative ideas we have in store for you!