Interior Painting, Richmond, MI: 7 Color Combinations to Enhance Your Bathroom

Repainting or renovating your bathroom in Richmond, MI? Get out of the aqua blues, here are ideas full of style and originality to transform your bathroom space.
Colors have a direct influence on our well-being. As soon as you get out of bed, enjoy the benefits of energetic and cheerful shades in the bathroom to start the day in a good mood.

1. Pink and orange

This duo is made up of the two most positive colors: pink and orange.
Both send messages of happiness and positive energy.
Combined with white, they become even brighter and will be your ray of morning sunshine.

Choose light white as the base color and use pink and orange in lively touches in accessories and decoration.

2. Blue And Anise Yellow

This sharp contrast brings together the tranquility of blue and the strong luminosity of yellow, a sort of sea-sun alliance.
Sunflower or anise yellow works fine, generally choose yellow in a lively tone for its energy and warmth.
Choose a deep blue to accentuate the contrast: cobalt or a deep navy will be magnificent with a bright yellow!

Playing on the different shades of blue, going as far as white, with a succession of tiles makes it possible to reduce the feeling of the darkest tones on the ground while still maintaining the color intensity.

3. Blue and white

In a completely white bathroom, the shower screen can be the most colorful area, and it gives it more depth.
Adding this color in accessories or furniture handles is a simple trick to bring color into a white bathroom.
A bright shade like a solar yellow, a bright pink, or a sparkling turquoise will accentuate this bright and very cheerful contrast.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more calm and elegant atmosphere, opt for a darker color.
A beautiful azure blue will be very soothing.
Yellow and gray

Here is an easy-going duo, between solar yellow and very wise gray. Particularly recommended for windowless bathrooms, this combination brings a lot of light and softness to the smallest spaces.

4. Red and white

In this powerful combination, the energy of red is softened by white.
You can use it to bring cheerfulness and dynamism to space.
A red floor gives an impression of solidity and instantly warms a slightly cold room, which can be the case for “clinical white” walls
Prefer the lightest and brightest reds, like a vermilion or a coral, to accentuate the lightness of the checkerboard effect.

5. Pink and brown

This association of colors stands out particularly well in an environment of slightly pearly or bronze tiles.
A touch of gold will make it luxurious and sensual.

6. Orange and brown
Here is a very active color, especially in its most candid tones: pure orange or orange-red.
To soften it and keep your feet on the ground, combine a beautiful sparkling orange with dark wood tones, on the floor, or in furniture.

7. Green and white

Green is one of the most challenging colors to recommend in a bathroom; it’s unfortunately accused among others (unfairly) of darkening a room.
Ignore these prejudices for a moment and look at the many shades available: sparkling and fresh mint greens, sweet and refined jade, bright and tangy anise –without forgetting the depth of real turquoises and sumptuous emerald green.

Combining different greens is easy, because these shades have, as in nature, the ability to relate to each other.

Pro Tip: mint green, fresh and invigorating, is one of the most active in the range. It is close to the real “pure green” and brings authentic energy to the room.

Painting your bathroom is an ideal way to freshen up your dull and faded walls and also increase the value of your home.

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