Pros and Cons of Removing Your Popcorn Ceiling in Romeo, MI

Popcorn ceilings often called acoustic ceilings are a special type of ceiling treatment that is typically sprayed on.

These popcorn ceilings gained their popularity during the 1980s because of their appearance that has resemblance with cottage cheese.

However, the old forms of this ceiling contained dangerous asbestos and required special gear to remove.

So if you’re planning to remove this kind of ceiling, it’s very essential to know the advantages and disadvantages. Here are the Pros and Cons of Removing Popcorn Ceiling in Romeo, MI.


1. Getting Rid of Asbestos

Although asbestos was banned in 1977, you are not sure if your popcorn ceiling doesn’t have one!

Remember, asbestos cannot be seen by your naked eye unless tested, so you may not want to risk the safety of your family.

That’s why removing popcorn ceilings means getting rid of asbestos content in your home.

Asbestos fibers can be a threat to us humans — they can cause scarring in your lungs as well as lung cancer when inhaled.

2. Eliminates Dust

Because of the form and texture of the popcorn ceiling, it usually traps dirt and dust making it not good for your home.

Moreover, it is not easy to dust or clean a popcorn ceiling so this area often gets left so removing it means eliminating dust!

One good thing if the popcorn ceiling will be removed is that you will not be prone to allergies especially if you have asthma or any related health problems!

3. Increase Home’s Value And Worth

Nowadays, buyers much prefer smooth ceilings rather than popcorn style because they are often having them removed before moving in.

Moreover, because popcorn ceilings have a history of health-related concerns, buyers tend to choose smooth ceilings.

So removing the popcorn ceiling beforehand increases the cost of your home and increases the likelihood of a quick sale.

4. Create Better Lighting and Ambiance

Popcorn ceilings make your rooms darker and shadier as the texture absorbs shadows from light.

So by removing it, you will have the benefit of having a brighter and lighter setting making you feel more relaxed and calm.

Lasty, if you decide to remove your popcorn ceiling, it will create a smooth and even surface that you can paint with a new color of your choice.

It’s very vital to remove the popcorn ceiling to achieve a smooth, even paint application creating a fresh and renewed ambiance.

5. Modernized look

Removing popcorn ceilings does wonders for modernizing and streamlining the appearance of your home.

After getting rid of popcorn ceilings, you will be amazed because your home will look lighter, brighter, and larger.

And lastly, because the design of popcorn ceilings is outdated, removing it can make your home look more contemporary and well kept.


1. It is Costly And Messy

Hiring specialized workers to remove popcorn ceilings from your entire home can be very expensive.

You may need to have a budget of around $300 to $800 per room to hire a professional.

At the same time, removing it is very messy and untidy because of fine dust everywhere, so you need to have long patience to wait for the desired result.

Although this is a task people take on themselves, they generally don’t prepare for the amount of labor that it requires or the dust it produces.

2. Hazardous due to Asbestos

Popcorn ceilings usually contain asbestos making it hazardous for the one who will get rid of it.

That’s why to be sure to test for the presence of asbestos before beginning the project by yourself or else ask for professionals to do it for you, for your safety and security as well.

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