Should You Use a Dark Colored Paint in Rochester, MI? The Pros and Cons

Choosing a paint color for your room is one of the most crucial things to decide on – your choice will determine how your room will feel, how its vibe will be, and the additional designs and furniture you can use to decorate it.

Many people gravitate towards lighter colors since they are the usual picks and are easier to mix and match with many different shades of colors.

However, just because light colors are the standard go-to colors doesn’t mean that you should rule out using dark-colored paint in painting your room.

So, if you’re currently debating whether or not to use a dark color to paint your room, well, we might have the answers that will clear your doubts.

Without further ado, here are the Pros and Cons of Using Dark Colors to Paint Your Room in Rochester, MI.


1. A Unique, Bold Statement

A dark-colored room will instantly set that unique, bold statement with its luscious, dark shade.

Many people might find it an exciting surprise to be greeted by a dark-colored room as they go inside your room since most people would expect a light-colored room by default.

Although it might be a love it or hate it for different types of people, you cannot deny the sheer impact and impression it will have on anyone who will step into your dark-colored room.

2. Establishes a Warm, Cozy Vibe

Since dark colors make a space look compact and tightly knit, painting a room with a dark color will help establish that warm, cozy vibe.

To top this off, you can add a few scented candles or a lamp somewhere in there to establish that warm and inviting vibe further.

For a cool and trendy take, you can even put up RGB LED lights in your dark-colored room and watch the colors transform your dark-colored room into a funky neon paradise!

3. Easier to Maintain

Using dark colors for your room will be easier to maintain than its lighter counterpart, as any dirt or marks will not be visible due to its darker tint.

Any minor stains that will be so easy to spot in a light-colored room will not be such a big deal and need immediate attention in a dark-colored room – it’s really very easy to maintain!

If you despise having to fuss over the littlest of stains on your wall, maybe a dark-colored room will be perfect for you.

4. Highlights Your Interior

A dark-colored room will be the perfect background to highlight your interior.

The dark shade of your room will be perfect in making your interior pieces stand out, as it draws your attention towards the subjects and highlights even the littlest of details.

If you’re a person who keeps art, a dark-colored room will be perfect for showcasing your prized possessions.


1. Reduces Space

Dark-colored paint tends to reduce space, making your room’s space even more cramped than it actually is.

If you’re trying to maximize your room’s space, dark-colored paint might not be the best choice of paint.

2. Reduces Light

In addition to the disadvantage of dark colors reducing space, it also reduces light in a room.

This will especially be noticeable at night when the sun is absent, and you would find the need to turn on more lights to make your room look bright instead of needing only one light in a lightly-colored room.

If you need to perform activities that require more light, then dark colors might not be the best option.

3. Will Be Hard To Paint Over

Dark colors will especially be hard to paint over since they are more tinted and prone to paint bleeding.

While it is not impossible to paint over a dark color, it will definitely double your effort and cost.

4. Not a Good Choice for Selling House

Because of the said disadvantages above, dark paint is ultimately a bad choice when you’re planning to sell your home.

You want your home to look spacious as possible and will usher that bright and airy vibe, which dark colors tend to negate.

Additionally, you’ll want your home to feel as customizable as possible, which will be hard to do when you have dark paint on your home.


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