Special Effect Painting in Rochester, MI: 8 Trendy Textures to Look Out For

Being more than a simple wall covering, paints and plasters have become real decorative ornaments for many home interiors in Rochester, MI.

Why limit yourself to color when you can play with textures? With increasingly sophisticated material and imitation effects, the new special effect paints (or decorative coatings) decorate your walls with a thousand inimitable textures.

Here are the top 8 decorative painting trends that you should keep up within 2020 and beyond; Waxed Concrete

Effect Painting

Having become essential in the decorative grammar of contemporary interiors, waxed concrete is now used in a whole range of products that are less complex to apply.

Waxed concrete effect paint is typically applied with a roller and then smoothed with a trowel to obtain the “worked” effect of the concrete; an economical and ultra-design alternative is to put them on walls and woodwork.

Marbled Effect painting

Another increasingly trendy decorative plaster: marbled effect paints—ideal for giving a sophisticated aesthetic to interiors and are offered in multiple colors.

Ideal for: spacious, bright, and contemporary interiors, smooth walls, and well-prepared surfaces.

Metallic Effect Painting

The metal effect paint is also part of the big “hits” Decorative painting trends that have risen in recent years.

Best for giving an original and contemporary effect to offices, living rooms, and other living rooms, it goes particularly well with a designer or vintage furniture.

Ideal for small decorative touches, in contemporary interiors. Preferably in bright rooms, the metallic effect is always more successful with dark shades.

Sanded Effect Painting

In tune with the times too, sandblasted effect paints give a chic and warm effect to interiors.

Easily applied by brush, these paints provide a perfect rendering in a cozy and bright living room.

Ideal for: interiors with authentic or even traditional decor, intimate and warm spaces

Iridescent Effect Painting

The latest big trend of the moment on the walls, the iridescent effect paint gives an incomparable radiance and depth effect to the interiors.

A precious texture, to say the least, best for combine with deep colors for a refined effect.

Ideal for: combinations of materials. Iridescent paint should be applied with small decorative touches in combination with more matte colors.

Animal skin effect painting

For fans of the “jungle” and Baroque aesthetic, decorative paints and coatings now imitate the leather and coat of the most exotic species.

They provide a multitude of patterns from elephant leather to python skin!

Ideal for: interiors with a refined decor or decorative effect on an architectural element (headboard, mirror, doors, etc.)

Glitter paint

Glitter paints have made very big progress in recent years. Available in multiple colors (beige, pink, black, blue …), this type of decorative painting can be used both to boost the decor of a living room, a kitchen, or transform a little girl’s bedroom into a real princess dream!

Ideal for: children’s bedrooms and original decorations.

Velvet effect painting

Want delicate walls for an intimate atmosphere? Pearlescent and iridescent effect paints are made for you.

Ideal for: renovating an interior to give it a touch of modernity. Combine with matte finishes on the other walls.

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