Tips for Maintaining Your Roof and Siding In Richmond, MI

The siding and the roof are the most important protective elements in the house.

Being the first line of defense, these must be subject to regular examination and maintenance to detect any sign of wear, without forgetting the cleaning and replacement of damaged or worn parts.

If you want to extend the durability of your roof and siding, improve the aesthetics and add value to your home, here are a few maintaining tips you should follow;

Remove the lichen and moss from the shingles

If it is not removed, the lichen that forms on a shingle roof will weaken its structure.

To remove it, apply a patio cleaner using a soft bristle brush until it disappears completely. To prevent lichen from reappearing, Sprinkle the affected surface with a powdered laundry detergent containing bleach granules.

Repair Gutters

A leaking gutter can be the source of water infiltration in the basement and cause soil erosion. It will also ruin your exterior paint and even the siding.

Since most gutters are made of vinyl or aluminum, it is difficult to seal the cracks with silicone caulk or a roofing coating.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Cut a square of fiberglass mesh and shape it so that it covers the crack inside the gutter.
  • Then apply a roof repair cement for dry or wet surfaces inside the gutter, to cover the crack. The cement will overflow on each side.
  • Press the mesh well to seal the joint, then let it dry for a day.
  • Cover with roofing cement and smooth with a putty knife. The joint will be completely waterproof. Once dry, you can repaint the entire gutter.

Replace Asphalt Shingles

To replace shingles, push a narrow bar under the remaining parts of the damaged shingle until you reach the nail, then lift about 3 cm.

Then cut the tab of the new shingle so that it fits well into the space, even if it means cutting more.

Finally, coat the space to be filled with roofing cement, then push the new shingle under the previous row. Gently tap to equalize.

Find The Right Color for Your Vinyl Siding

Is the siding you need to repair no longer available on the market?

To have a panel exactly the same color as the original siding, extract a board from a hidden place, (under the terrace for example), and use it to repair damaged siding on the prominent front-end of the house.

Next, buy a new piece of siding that resembles the one on your house in use it to cover the less prominent part.

Paint The Pine Siding Before Installing It

Pine or cedar siding can last a lifetime if properly prepared before installation. The cedar does not need to be painted and takes on a beautiful lustrous gray tone over time.

However, the pine must be painted to protect it against water infiltration between the boards.

Be sure to paint the rough side of the board, which will retain the paint better, while its smooth side will have to be repainted much more frequently.

Insulate Before Installing the Siding

A very simple way to increase the energy efficiency of a house is to install foam insulation on the exterior walls, covered with a metal sheet, before installing the siding

In addition to its great insulating properties, this material offers a barrier against water and wind.

Contractors also use it to level the walls before installing the siding.

Avoid Water Infiltration

Rainwater pipes are designed to remove large amounts of water from the roof very quickly.

However, if there is no drainage system, the water will be directed to the foundation and could possibly infiltrate the house.

Rigid drainage accessories are not always a good solution since their angled position makes mowing the surrounding lawn difficult.

You can also dig a trench, which will be connected to the downpipe by a 90 ° elbow connector.

The end of the pipe may rest in a larger hole filled with gravel or be directed towards the street drainage system.

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Repainting the exterior of your home should be done regularly to keep it looking beautiful and improve its overall value. Just make sure you hire a professional painting contractor and use the above tips to cut costs in your next project.

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