Why You Should Consider Organic Paint for Your Interior Painting Project in Romeo, MI

Compared to conventional paints, organic paints have components that do little harm to the environment.
If you are interested and want to use ecological paint for your next repainting project in Romeo, MI, this article is for you;

Goof for Your Environment 

Unlike acrylic and oil paints created from several chemical components, ecological paints consist of natural products.
Here are the main components: For the fillers, mainly chalk, vegetable oil, marble flour, silica or hemp are used. For diluents and solvents, they use turpentine, metal oxides, citrus terpene and of course water. For binders, there is flax, natural resins, beeswax, etc. The most commonly used pigment is a mineral oxide (iron or ocher). Note that these components are all biodegradable and recyclable.

On application, the 100% ecological paint is odorless. While artificial paints give off an extremely toxic odor, 100% natural paints give off very little harmful volatile components or VOC (volatile organic compounds) during painting work and drying time.

By using organic house paint, you will preserve the indoor air quality of numerous toxic and carcinogenic substances.

Ecological Paints Are Easy to Apply
Ecological paints are easily applied with a roller, brush, and sponge. Washable quality, ecological paints are the allies of bedrooms, dining room, living room and all other sensitive areas, such as the bathroom, the corridor, the stairwell, etc.

Natural Paint Has Excellent Covering Power

Ecological paints have a high covering power for which, in principle, two layers are more than enough to cover underlying stubborn stains or dark colors.  Note: the covering power of organic paints may vary depending on the brand chosen. Good quality paint obviously costs more, but often with such, you will need fewer coats of paint to hide imperfections.

Organic House Paint Is Waterproof

Acrylic paints and oil paints are often loaded with resins and other toxic substances that make walls waterproof. Natural paints, on the other hand, follow a completely different logic.

These paints cover the walls while letting them breathe, in other words, they allow out all the internal humidity from the substrates. In summary, organic paints are microporous.

Natural Paint Has an Excellent Shelf Life and Ages Well

Formerly known for their short lifespan and premature aging, the popularization of organic paints has enabled different brands to make production profitable and improve the quality of paints.
100% natural paints have never stopped evolving.

Today, thanks to their new components such as soy lecithin or boron salt, biological paints are more easily resistant to climatic aggressions and other factors of degradation.

Unlike conventional paints, organic house paints have excellent weather and ultraviolet light stability. The pigments do not tarnish and are not easily washed away by rainwater.

Other Advantages of Using an Ecological Paint for Your Home’s Interior 
Natural paints offer a full range too (there is paint for wood, siding restoration, stucco, etc.)The price of your painting work per m2 using a 100% natural paint is equivalent or lower than a good quality classic paint, it allows you to personalize the interior of your house or apartment Now widely available, just like conventional paints. It is ideal for painting the interiors

Things to Note:
• Organic paints can sometimes be allergenic• Compared to traditional paints, organic paints take longer to dry

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