DIY Painting Tips When Doing Your Exterior in Romeo, MI

One of the hardest painting projects you can undergo would be an exterior painting project.

If you go into it without that much prior knowledge of how to do it, you can easily set yourself up for failure.

However, if you have complete trust in your painting skills and believe that you can undertake any exterior painting project yourself, then here’s something to guide you along the way.

Here are DIY Painting Tips When Doing Your Exterior in Romeo, MI.

1. Measure The Surface You’re Planning To Paint

Before you start painting your exterior, you should take a quick measurement first to see how much surface area you’ll be working with.

In doing so, this will give you an idea of how much surface area you’ll need to paint, which will help you figure out how much time it’ll take to complete the project, how much money you’ll need to buy the essential painting materials, and many other things.

Also, knowing how much area you’ll be working with will give you a heads up to assess whether you can complete the project on your own or you’ll need an extra hand or two to fasten up the painting process.

While it is indeed fun and satisfying to be able to paint your exterior all by yourself, do remember to ask for help when you need it – this will help you fasten the process of painting and help ensure that you will get quality results!

2. Get An Estimate To How Much Paint You’ll Need

The first tip is very important because it leads to another great tip: you should know how much paint you will need to finish the job.

This is important because you’ll want to stay within your budget, which is more likely to happen if you already know how much paint you’ll need.

Getting an estimate ahead of time could also save you the trouble of having to go back and forth to the paint store because you ran out of paint or the trouble of buying way too much paint in the first place, which only doubles your expense.

3. Prepare And Clean Your Exterior Accordingly

Your home exterior will eventually get dirty because of its exposure and proximity to dirt, trash, mud, rocks, and other things that will eventually make it dirty and unclean.

So, in this case, you’ll want to wash and clean your home exterior properly before you apply any coat of paint to it.

Depending on how dirty your exterior is, you can either wipe it down with a simple brush and some kind of detergent, or you can wash it down with a deep cleaning solution to really break down and dissolve all the dirt and debris stuck in there.

However, if your exterior is in dire condition, you can use a more powerful power washer for that thorough deep cleaning.

4. Pick The Right Paint Color

Since you’ll be painting your exterior, natural light will be a big factor in choosing a color.

This is why you should be cautious and methodical in choosing a paint color for your exterior to ensure that you end up with the right paint color.

Because natural light tends to wash out paint colors and make them look cooler than they really are, when you’ve already chosen a color, go a few shades darker than what you initially chose so that when it is painted on your exterior, it will look somewhat similar to what you initially chose.

To be even more sure, do a test paint on the surface of your home’s exterior to see how the paint color you choose will look and how the natural lighting will affect it.

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