5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Paint Color in Richmond, MI

One of the most exciting steps in the process of doing a painting project is when you’re choosing a paint color – the mere thought of getting to choose from a million possible shades of colors, and all the possibilities that could happen with a single choice is enough to make anyone extremely giddy.

However, when not done properly, choosing a paint color could easily overwhelm anyone, leading to disastrous results; you could end up with a color that you don’t like, or a color that is not cohesive with the room you’ve painted on, and many more.

So, it is important to think about your choices carefully first, try to consider all of the factors that could affect your choice of paint color before going out to your local paint store to buy paint.

But, what exactly are these factors you should consider or questions you need to ask yourself before ultimately choosing a paint color?

To help you in your latest painting project, here are 5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Paint Color in Richmond, MI.

1. Will It Look Good Paired With My Furniture?

In choosing a paint color, you will need to consider the present colors and furniture in the room or around the surface you’re planning to paint – it essentially needs to complement them.

This is important because you don’t want to end up with a paint color that doesn’t match the present colors around it, which will probably make you iffy about it eventually and end up redoing the whole thing.

To be certain of which colors will work in your case, try to refer to color palettes available online, so you can have an idea of which colors and shades will complement and work best.

2. Does It Match With The Vibe I’m Trying To Establish?

Each color has a unique style and vibe that it exudes and can help establish, so before choosing a paint color, you may want to be certain first if your choices match with the vibe you’re trying to establish.

For example, the color sage green can offer a fresh and earthy vibe, terracotta has that fiery and fun vibe, and lavender has that dreamy and relaxing vibe – there are so many color choices that offer a distinct and unique vibe, so you want to think about this when choosing a paint color.

To have a reference, you can look at design inspirations and mood boards online, so you can have a vague idea of which color will work with the certain vibe you’re trying to establish.

3. Do I Want To Enlarge A Space Or Make It Intimate?

The best choice of paint color for you also depends on how you want to transform a space – do you want to enlarge it, make it seem airy and light, or do you want to make it intimate, something cozy and dim?

If you want to enlarge a space, you should choose a lighter shade of paint color, as nothing maximizes space better than light colors.

However, if you like to make a space cozier and more intimate, with a more dimmed setting, you’re better off choosing a darker shade of paint color.

4. Will It Look Good With The Present Lighting?

Lighting also plays a huge factor in your choice of paint color – a certain shade can look either darker or lighter depending on the kind of lighting present.

So, to make sure that you’re getting what you see 6n the paint samples, you will want to do a test paint under the room’s lighting or surface you’re planning to paint.

This ensures that it will look good under the certain lighting present and avoid any disappointments.

5. Is It My Personal Taste?

Finally, once you’ve answered all of the above questions and have a paint color in mind, it’s critical to ask yourself: is this the color I actually want?

You don’t want to end up choosing a paint color because you are driven by external influences that will just cause you to eventually fall out of love with the paint color and want to redo it again – doubling your time and expense.

Since it’s difficult to go back to square one after your paintbrush strikes the surface and you’ve started painting, you should finish up with a paint color that you genuinely love.


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