Interior Décor Romeo, MI: How to Use Orange and Yellow?

Although fall is neither the current nor the next season, it’s worth talking about the decorating ideas suited to the season as we wait for things to calm down.
This will allow you to prepare months in advance, mainly if you plan to make major changes to your interior.

Autumn is the period when warm colors are most used, such as the different shades of brown, deep red, gold, and especially orange.
Since these are not colors that are used very often in interior decorations, you may wonder how you are going to adopt them.

Today, we are going to focus on one of these fall colors: orange!
Is there room for orange in a traditionally designed living room? Modern? Mid-Century?

Yes, orange and yellow are welcome in your interior, whatever your style. Find out below some of the creative ways you can use orange in your home interior.

Create an Accent Wall to Define a Space

In the case of a living room open to the kitchen, the dining room, or a bar arranged in the corner of the living room, the creation of an orange accent wall can be particularly interesting.
By painting the furthest wall in orange, you will not only define the space but also warm the atmosphere in your living room.
With brown furniture around, the decor will be even better.

Paint the Wall (S) Orange

We know that painting is the easiest way to freshen up and transform a room. Is your living room well lit naturally?
So do not hesitate to paint two sections of the wall in orange. It is also a perfect option for warming up a contemporary living room.
Don’t feel constrained to using the likes of pumpkin orange here; even sienna can also offer a magnificent decoration.

Use the Natural Version of the Color

If the pumpkin orange seems too visually overwhelming for a Scandinavian decoration, consider using the color as it appears in nature.
Naturally and spontaneously, bring a warm touch to the living room and accentuate the orange geometric shapes on the wall painting, if any.

Change Curtains

Whatever the color of your living room, you will find a tone of orange that can look elegant on your curtains.
A combination of blue and orange may not be very common, but it offers a striking rendering.

How About Yellow?

Yellow in your home: fresh and fruity or deep and dark
The end of summer and fall are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for tones like yellow.
Just think of the apples and pears that ripen on the trees, but also the leaves that change color in the fall.
The green leaves gradually change color to red and yellow as autumn approaches.

Nature is the primary source of inspiration for tones like yellow, green, and orange. Vegetable dyes provide these colors.
So these are colors that combine effortlessly. These soothing and neutral tones can perfectly coexist with the most improbable tones.

Yellow combines perfectly with light shades of brown, and beige-white. When using the color yellow, pay attention to the rate of light in the room.
In addition, the color should be used sparingly. It is recommended to paint a maximum of half the space in yellow.

What Shade Of Yellow Should You Use?

The yellow color represents optimism and energy, like the sun. You have different shades of yellow.
Dark yellow goes very well with shades of brown, gray, and black. The other hues can be very chic; they exude class and quality.
Please note: a surplus of yellow creates too bright space, which can overwhelm the eye.

Light yellows such as Gentle Yellow, Sunrise, and Prairie Gold are perfect colors to combine with dark shades of brown and gray. They are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms and children’s bedrooms. These colors bring both tranquility and cheerfulness to the room and a certain light.

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