Tips On Incorporating Viva Magenta Into Your Home Interior in Rochester, MI

With a brand new year, comes another brand new color to define the year ahead of us: Pantone names Viva Magenta as 2023’s Color of the Year!

So, if you have been looking for ways to update your home interior with this new gorgeous color, here’s something you can read to get some new ideas.

Here are Tips On Incorporating Viva Magenta Into Your Home Interior.

1. Repaint Your Walls With Viva Magenta

One of the first options you will want to explore when you are finding ways to incorporate viva magenta into your home interior would be to repaint your walls with the color.

Repainting your walls with viva magenta would be the most straightforward way that you can incorporate the color into your home interior while treating your walls to a fresh coat of paint and keeping up to date!

However, you should take note that viva magenta is a rather strong color, and will be very overwhelming when painted onto your home interior, so you will want to maintain reservations and a level of taste here.

You might want to ask a paint professional about the best shade of viva magenta to use for your project, in order to achieve an overall aesthetically appealing home interior.

2. Paint An Accent Wall

If you have been thinking of painting the gorgeous color of viva magenta on your home interior, but is finding the chore of committing to a full-blown painting project tedious and too much, then you might want to settle with painting an accent wall in your home interior.

Painting an accent wall will be perfect for you if you happen to love Pantone’s color of the year, but is too busy to commit to a full-blown painting project because painting an accent wall is relatively easier than the latter.

Another great thing with an accent wall is that it can take on so many design variations; you can opt for a single-colored viva magenta wall, a two-toned wall and pair your viva magenta with another color, or even a patterned viva magenta accent wall – the design possibilities are almost limitless!

Additionally, accent walls can also go beyond the conventions of flat paint – you can get a textured accent wall such as a viva magenta-colored fur accent wall, a viva magenta-colored suede wall, a leather wall of the same color, and so many other cool design variations!

An accent wall is just so flexible design-wise, all you have to do is let your creativity run totally wild, and you’re off to a fun project!

3. Get Viva Magenta-Colored Decorations

If a painting project doesn’t sound appealing and exciting to you, you can still opt to incorporate viva magenta into your home interior by getting viva magenta-colored decorations.

You can get artworks, appliances, furnishings, and various decorations dipped in this luxurious color so you can add touches of viva magenta to your home interior.

However, if getting viva magenta-colored decorations for your interior is out of your budget, then you can opt to do a mini painting project and repaint your existing decorations with viva magenta!

This will be the perfect way for you to do a great impact with minimal spending!

4. Get A Viva Magenta Kitchen

Lastly, if you have been noticing that your kitchen is in bad shape lately, then it might be in need of some remodeling and repainting – and guess what would be the perfect color to use for your upcoming painting project this year: Viva Magenta!

In doing this, you will also want to keep your taste level and not incorporate too much viva magenta into the space, because you don’t want your kitchen to look like it’s drowning in the color – you can ask a paint professional how to do this best.

Just a few touches of viva magenta here and there, and you’re in for a great kitchen experience this year!


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