7 Tips For Painting Your Living Room in Rochester, MI

Painting your living room is one of the simplest and cheaper ways to boost the overall appeal of your home.

Moreover, having your living area painted safeguards your home from future damage due to several factors.

However, a painting job will not be perfect and successful if you don’t have the proper knowledge and skills.

On that premise, here are the 7 Tips For Painting Your Living Room in Rochester, MI

1/ Get Your Living Room Ready For Painting

It is a well-known fact that painting will be much easier if there are no obstructions along the way.

Getting your living room ready for painting, means emptying your room as much as possible.

Our living area consists of large furniture so the best thing that you can do is cover them with drop cloth or old sheets of paper.

Moreover, before you start your painting task, you must clean the surfaces thoroughly.

Cleaning the walls will get rid of any remains, grimes, and cobwebs that can affect the paint’s finish.

Also, you need to tape off the other fixed objects on your living areas such as a light switch or outlet covers, and protect your floorings with newspapers or drop cloths.

Lastly, preparing your living rooms means checking for any holes or cracks and seal them with spackling paste for better results.

2. Priming Can Save Your Walls

If your walls have previous paints but already flakes or peels, well it’s very adequate for you to prime it.

Priming is an important phase in the painting process because it extremely covers the surfaces for the paint to properly adhere.

Moreover, applying prime can save your walls from future blotchy spots, it makes your walls long-lasting and durable to any damaging factors.

3. Choose First-rate Supplies

If you want to create a pro-like result, it’s very essential to choose first-rate supplies before taking place.

Using high-quality tools on your job can make your job faster with ease and comfort.

For instance, roller extenders and high-end ladders can greatly help you in painting the higher areas of your living space.

Moreover, choosing high-quality paint offers a higher concentration of fine pigments and high-grade resins.

This arrangement gives the creation a more durable finish and better even color application.

4. Plan Your Paint Colors

Room color psychology believes that colors affect our moods and energy levels, also the shades in your home reflect one’s personality.

Color has wonders in changing the shape and size of furnishings and the room space.

Choosing the paint color in your living area will depend on personal preference but you must consider the impact of your chosen colors.

Gray-colored walls are said to create your room more spacious, classy, and peaceful while green promotes coherence and revitalization.

While blue walls provide a soothing, relieving effect and beige walls set the environment for a salient, stylish effect.

5. Consider The Best Sheen

Surprisingly, not only does the shade matter but also the type of sheen or finish you will use.

High gloss paint is very durable to withstand damages but can clean easily, but the downtime is it cannot fully hide imperfections

Contrary-wise, a flat finish can perfectly hide imperfections but it is more susceptible to damage.

So the best sheen to choose on is an eggshell finish which not only provides some gloss but as the same not prone to damages and as well as can clean effortlessly.

6. Estimate The Right Amount Of Paint

Estimating the right amount of paint can make your job flawlessly and efficiently, so it is very smart to ask for help from professionals.

Especially if you plan to apply multiple coatings, you should carefully estimate the amount of paint you will not waste money on buying excess ones.

7. Make Sure That The Paint Is Completely Dry

After a tiring project, for you to achieve a pro-like result, you must wait for the paint to completely dry.

You don’t want to waste your time and effort, so before you return all the fixtures in your living area check the paint on your walls.

If you need professional help with your interior painting project, Eason Painting can help.

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